Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods

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Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
J. Mod. App. Stat. Meth.
Discipline Statistics
Language English
Edited by Shlomo Sawilowsky
Publication details
JMASM, Inc. (United States)
Publication history
Frequency Biannually
ISSN 1538–9472

The Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods is a biannual peer-reviewed open access journal.[1] It was established in 2002 by Shlomo Sawilowsky. The Current Index to Statistics classifies it as one of over 160 core statistics journals.[2] The journal appears both as a print and electronic journal. It publishes work pertaining to new statistical tests and the comparison of existing statistical tests, Monte Carlo; bootstrap, Jackknife, and resampling methods; nonparametric, robust, permutation, exact, and approximate randomization methods; and statistical algorithms, pseudorandom number generators, and simulation techniques. The journal is indexed in the Elsevier Bibliographic Database, EMBASE, Compendex, Geobase, PsychInfo, ScienceDirect, and Scopus. It is also listed in the Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics[3] and Cabells.[4]


The meaning and utility of impact factors and related statistics in ranking journals has been questioned in mathematics and statistics,[5] and hence should be interpreted with caution. In 2008, the journal was ranked by SCImago Journal Rank as follows:

"Mathematics," N = 735 journals: SJR[6]=tied for 623rd, H index[7]=tied for 515th, Citable documents[8]=tied for 237th.

“Statistics and Probability Category," N =91 journals: SJR[9]= 83rd, H index[10]= 68th, Citable documents[11]=15th.

“Statistics, Probability, and Uncertainty Category," N=23 journals: SJR[12]=21st, H index[13]=15th, Citable documents[14]=10th.

In 2009, the journal was ranked as a "Class B" journal in the Excellence in Research for Australia journal list.[15][16] For comparison, out of 195 journals, 14 were ranked A*, 28 were ranked A, 54 were ranked B, and 96 were ranked C.

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