Journal of Open Source Software

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Journal of Open Source Software
DisciplineSoftware engineering
Edited byArfon Smith
Publication details
FrequencyContinuous, upon acceptance
LicenseCC-BY 4.0
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4J. Open Source Softw.
OCLC no.971252162

The Journal of Open Source Software is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal covering open-source software from any research discipline.[1][2][3] The journal was founded in 2016 by editors Arfon Smith, Kyle Niemeyer, Dan Katz, Kevin Moerman, and Karthik Ram.[1][4] The editor-in-chief is Arfon Smith (Space Telescope Science Institute),[5] and associate editors-in-chief: Dan Foreman-Mackey, Olivia Guest, Daniel Katz, Kevin Moerman, Kyle Niemeyer, George Thiruvathukal, and Krysten Thyng (retired: Lorena A. Barba). The journal is a sponsored project of NumFOCUS and an affiliate of the Open Source Initiative.[6] The journal uses GitHub as publishing platform.[7]

The journal was established in May 2016 and in its first year published 111 articles, with more than 40 additional articles under review.[1] They reported approximately 1200 published articles in March 2021.[8]

The journal has been discussed in several peer-reviewed papers which describe its publishing model and its effectiveness.[1][9]

Abstracting and indexing[edit]

The journal is abstracted and indexed in the Astrophysics Data System and in the DBLP computer science bibliography online database.


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