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The Journal of Philosophy  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
J. Phil.
Discipline Philosophy
Language English
Edited by The Columbia University Philosophy Department
Publication details
The Journal of Philosophy, Inc. (United States)
Publication history
1921–present; 1904-1920 as The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods
Frequency Monthly
ISSN 0022-362X (print)
1939-8549 (web)
LCCN 06000973
OCLC no. 37699220

The Journal of Philosophy is a monthly peer-reviewed academic journal on philosophy. Its stated purpose is "To publish philosophical articles of current interest and encourage the interchange of ideas, especially the exploration of the borderline between philosophy and other disciplines."[1] The journal was established at Columbia University in 1904 as The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods and has published under its present name since 1921.[2] Subscriptions and online access are managed by the Philosophy Documentation Center.[3]

Notable articles[edit]

[original research?]

  • "Quantifiers and Propositional Attitudes" (1956) - W.V.O. Quine
  • "Actions, Reasons, and Causes" (1963) - Donald Davidson
  • "An Argument for the Identity Theory" (1966) - David Kellogg Lewis
  • "Ontological Relativity" (1968) - W.V.O. Quine
  • "Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility" (1969) - Harry Frankfurt
  • "Epistemic Operators" (1970) - Fred Dretske
  • "Intentional Systems" (1971) - Daniel C. Dennett
  • "Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person" (1971) - Harry Frankfurt
  • "Causation, Nomic Subsumption, and the Concept of Event" (1973) - Jaegwon Kim
  • "Meaning and Reference" (1973) - Hilary Putnam
  • "Outline of a theory of truth" (1975) - Saul Kripke
  • "Kantian Constructivism in Moral Theory" (1980) - John Rawls
  • "Eliminative Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes" (1981) - Paul M. Churchland
  • "Skepticism about Practical Reason" (1986) - Christine Korsgaard
  • "Individualism and Self-Knowledge" (1988) - Tyler Burge
  • "Why Abortion is Immoral" (1989) - Don Marquis
  • "The Dewey Lectures: What Kind of Creatures Are We?" (2013) - Noam Chomsky

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