Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies

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Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies  
DisciplineEconomics, political science, sociology
Edited byRoger Pearson
Publication details
Former name(s)
Journal of Social and Political Studies
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4J. Soc. Political Econ. Stud.
OCLC no.691862682

The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies is a quarterly journal published by the Council for Social and Economic Studies. It was founded in 1976 by anthropologist Roger Pearson, and was originally published by his Council for American Affairs, an American representative in the World Anti Communist League. It is now published by the Council for Social and Economic Studies, of which Pearson was the president as of 1982.[1][2] It has been identified as one of two international journals which regularly publishes articles pertaining to race and intelligence with the goal of supporting the idea that white people are inherently superior (the other such journal being Mankind Quarterly).[3] Notable contributors to the journal include Jack Kemp and Jesse Helms.[4] In 1982, U.S. President Ronald Reagan wrote a letter to Pearson personally thanking him for the most recent issue of the Journal, which was never disavowed by the White House. The White House did, however, request that Pearson stop using the letter.[5]


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