Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

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Journal of Transpersonal Psychology
Editor Marcie Boucouvalas
Categories Transpersonal psychology
Frequency Biannual
First issue 1969
Company Association for Transpersonal Psychology
Country United States
Based in Palo Alto, California
Language English
ISSN 0022-524X
OCLC number 1800053

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (JTP) is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed academic journal which is published by the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. The journal is the principal publication in the field of Transpersonal psychology. According to sources the journal is addressing the interface between psychology and spirituality,[1] and the area of spirituality as a legitimate topic for academic studies.[2]

The journal was founded by Abraham Maslow and Anthony Sutich in 1969,[2][3][4][5][6] and grew out of the humanistic psychology and counterculture of the late 1960s.[7] According to Taylor[4] the new journal was dedicated to the study of ultimate human capacities; unitive consciousness; peak experiences; ecstasy; mystical experiences; and self-transcendence.

Its current editor is Marcie Boucouvalas. Current members of the board of editors include: Paul Clemens, Jack Engler, James Fadiman, Jorge Ferrer, Daniel Goleman, Elmer Green, Stanislav Grof, Tobin Hart, Michael Hutton, Stanley Krippner, Lawrence LeShan, John Levy, Francis G. Lu, David Lukoff, Michael Murphy, Peter L. Nelson, Kaisa Puhakka, Huston Smith, Tonu Soidla, Charles T. Tart, Frances E. Vaughan, Jenny Wade, Michael Washburn, John Welwood[8]

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