Journey Through the Decade

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"Journey Through the Decade"
Journey through the Decade CD.jpg
The cover of the standard CD release featuring Gackt in the foreground
Single by Gackt
Released March 25, 2009
Format DVD single
CD single
CD maxi single
Genre Alternative rock, symphonic rock, techno
Length 4:36
Label Avex Mode
Songwriter(s) Shoko Fujibayashi (lyricist)
Ryo (composer, arranger)
Kōtarō Nakagawa (arranger)
Gackt singles chronology
"Journey Through the Decade"
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"Journey Through the Decade"
"Koakuma Heaven"
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Journey Through the Decade
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Alternative cover
The cover of the CD+DVD combo pack featuring Kamen Rider Decade in the foreground
The cover of the CD+DVD combo pack featuring Kamen Rider Decade in the foreground

"Journey Through the Decade" (stylized "Journey through the Decade") is a song by Japanese pop singer Gackt, serving as his thirtieth single released on March 25, 2009. It is his first song performed for Kamen Rider Decade, used as the television series' theme song.


It was used as the opening theme song for the 2009 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Decade. It was released as a single CD and as a CD coupled with a DVD with the music video. The theme of "Journey Through the Decade" is that it describes the "Journey" (, Tabi).[1]


  1. "Journey Through the Decade"
  2. "J.t.D. Re-Mix RIDE"Distort""
  3. "J.t.D. Re-Mix RIDE"Symphony""
  4. "Journey Through the Decade" (instrumental)


The music video of "Journey Through the Decade" was later released in Stay the Ride Alive, "special memorial single" version which is a Digipak with a special cover, a third disc and a booklet describing Gackt's collaboration with the Kamen Rider Decade production.[2]

  1. "Journey Through the Decade" music film


On its first day of release, it sold 15,000 copies and reached #2 on the Oricon Daily Charts.[3] By the release of its follow up single "The Next Decade", "Journey Through the Decade" had sold 94,000 copies.[4] It stayed 25 weeks on the music charts.[5] In June 2009, the Recording Industry Association of Japan certified it as gold.[6] In December 2012, it was certified as platinum for sales of over 200,000 copies.[7]

Release Provider(s) Chart Peak position Sales total
March 25, 2009 Oricon Daily Singles 1 15,441
Weekly Singles 2 51,666
Monthly Singles 4 74,117
Yearly Singles 63 97,616
Billboard Japan
Charts (2009) Peak
Billboard Japan Hot 100[8] 6


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