Journey to Saturn

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Journey to Saturn
Directed byThorbjørn Christoffersen
Craig Frank
Produced byTrine Heidegaard
Written byClaus Deleuran (comic)
Nikolaj Arcel (screenplay)
Rasmus Heisterberg (screenplay)
Music byHenrik Lindstrand
Edited byMikkel E.G. Nielsen
Per Risager
Martin Wichmann
Distributed byNordisk Film
Release date
26 September 2008
Running time
90 minutes

Journey to Saturn (Danish: Rejsen til Saturn) is a 2008 Danish animated comedy-science-fiction film produced by A. Film A/S, loosely based on Claus Deleuran's comic from 1977 of the same name. The film revolves around a group of Danish astronauts who journey to Saturn on a quest for natural resources.

The film also depicts and mocks several Danish stereotypes and characters, like the royal family, the (at the time) Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Extreme right-wing politician Mogens Glistrup, Danish therapist Carl Mar Møller, Muslim immigrants, American yeehaw's, Jesus, and Danish lack of style and presentability in general.

The film humor is very slapstick with a lot of adolescent or adult jokes.


In the film a corporate-backed rocket takes off from Denmark, supposedly to explore Saturn for natural resources. The crew consists of wannabe astronaut Per Jensen, military instructor, and hardliner Sgt. Arne Skrydsbøl, Fisse-Ole ("pussy-Ole"), tour chef and caterer Jamil Ahmadinejad, and two pilots.

Upon arrival, the crew makes contact with aliens but it becomes apparent that the chief of the corporation wishes to conspire with the aliens to sell off all the water on Earth, and he has no hope of ever returning the astronauts home. The aliens head to Earth and on the way hear what they think is a friendly Earth greeting from what is, in fact, a German pornographic film involving large sausages.

The astronauts are left for dead in space, but they fall through a black hole and land in Heaven. Leaving Heaven guided by the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, they refuel and make it back to the Moon where they encounter some US astronauts. They then use a US space-based surveillance system to find the centre of the water theft conspiracy on Earth. The crew return to Earth and rescue a hostage scientist (Per Jensen's girlfriend) at the installation. They defeat an alien monster with a keg of beer in a manner similar to that in Jaws and escape the installation just in time as it is destroyed by a nuclear bomb, sent from the Moon.


The film was released on September 26, 2008.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Casper Christensen ... Per Jensen
  • Frank Hvam ... sg. Arne Skrydsbøl
  • Ali Kazim ... Jamil Ahmadinejad
  • Simon Jul Jørgensen ... Fisse-Ole ("pussy-Ole")
  • Iben Hjejle ... Susanne Mortensen, technical flight director
  • Lars Hjortshøj ... Ib
  • Bjarke Søballe Andersen ... Crowd
  • Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen ... Drunk
  • Peter Belli ... Alien Diktator
  • Rasmus Bjerg ... Agent 2
  • Klaus Bondam ... businessman Kurt Maj
  • Thorbjørn Christoffersen ... General
  • Tine Clasen ... Crowd
  • Claus Darholt ... Assistant
  • Tobias Dybvad ... the Prime Minister
  • Craig Frank ... Afro-American Astronaut
  • Morten Pilegaard Jespersen ... Crowd
  • Roberto Johansson ... Jørgen from Hundige Shortwave Radio Club
  • Karsten Kiilerich ... German Peasant
  • Henrik Koefoed ... Doctor & Alien Researcher
  • Flemming Krøll ... Prince Henrik
  • Tilde Landgreen ... Small girl
  • Jørgen Lerdam ... Liberal Journalist
  • Anders Lund Madsen ... Reserve Jesus
  • Justin Murphy ... Redneck Astronaut
  • Kjeld Nørgaard ... Skt. Peter
  • Esben Pretzmann ... Alien Soldier
  • Lasse Rimmer ... TV Reporter / Gert
  • Ask Rostrup ... Intercom voice
  • Sidsel Rostrup ... Angel
  • Puk Scharbau ... German peasant girl
  • Jonas Schmidt ... Agent 1
  • Regitze Stampe ... Crowd
  • Martin Wichmann ... Tax cheater

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