Journey to the Centre of the Eye

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Journey to the Centre of the Eye
Studio album by Nektar
Released 1971
Recorded June - August 1971
Genre Progressive rock, space rock
Length 41:52
Label Bacillus
Producer Nektar, Peter Hauke, Dieter Dierks
Nektar chronology
Journey To The Centre Of The Eye
A Tab in the Ocean
(1972)A Tab in the Ocean1972

Journey to the Centre of the Eye is the debut album from English progressive rock band Nektar that came out in late 1971. Though formally divided into 13 tracks, the entire album consists of a single continuous piece of music, with some musical themes which are repeated throughout the work. Because of its narrative nature, it has been called a rock opera and/or dense concept album. The story follows an astronaut who, while on a voyage to Saturn, encounters aliens who take him to their galaxy, where he is suffused with knowledge and wisdom. It is usually interpreted as a commentary on the nuclear arms race.[1]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[2]

Allmusic's retrospective review was a rave, avowing that "Throughout Journey's 13 cuts, Nektar introduced their own sort of instrumental surrealism that radiated from both the vocals and from the intermingling of the haphazard drum and string work." They gave unqualified praise to both the compositions and the performances of each of the individual members.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and arranged by Nektar.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Prelude" 1:27
2. "Astronaut's Nightmare" 6:22
3. "Countenance" 3:30
4. "The Nine Lifeless Daughters of the Sun" 2:41
5. "Warp Oversight" 4:28
6. "The Dream Nebula I" 2:14
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "The Dream Nebula II" 2:25
8. "It's All in the Mind" 3:22
9. "Burn Out My Eyes" 7:48
10. "Void of Vision" 2:01
11. "Pupil of the Eye" 2:46
12. "Look Inside Yourself" 0:53
13. "Death of the Mind" 1:55


  • Roye Albrighton - guitars, vocals
  • Mick Brockett - liquid lights
  • Allan "Taff" Freeman - Mellotron, pianos, organ, vocals
  • Ron Howden - drums, percussion
  • Derek "Mo" Moore - Mellotron, bass, vocals
  • Keith Walters - static slides
Additional personnel
  • Produced by Nektar, Dieter Dierks & Peter Hauke
  • Engineered by Dieter Dierks


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