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Joy Dawson is a New Zealand missionary and intercessor who has been teaching the Bible internationally since 1970. Her missionary work has taken her to over 55 nations. She has taught extensively on television and radio, and her books, audio and video tapes have been translated and distributed worldwide. She currently resides in Tujunga, California.

Joy and her husband Jim are unsalaried missionaries with Youth With A Mission, an interdenominational missionary organization operating in 173 countries, and are elders of The Church On The Way, in Van Nuys, California.

Three generations of Joy and Jim's family are in full-time ministry on three different continents, and in four countries.


  • Intimate Friendship With God (1986)
  • How to Pray for Someone Near You Who is Away from God (1990)
  • Some of the Ways of God in Healing (1991)
  • Intercession: Thrilling, Fulfilling (1997)
  • Forever Ruined For The Ordinary - The Adventure Of Hearing And Obeying The Voice Of God (2001)
  • Knowing God (2001)
  • Influencing Children to Become World Changers (2003)
  • Un Ministerio Emocionante y Pleno (2004)
  • The Fire of God: Discovering Its Many Life Changing Purposes (2005)
  • All Heaven Will Break Loose: When We Make Jesus’ Priorities Our Passion (2014)


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