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Joy of Life
Joy of Life Chinese drama poster.jpg
Also known asCelebrating an Affluent Year
MandarinQìng Yúnián
Based onQing Yu Nian
by Mao Ni
Written byWang Juan
Directed bySun Hao
Opening theme"One Life One Thought" by Li Jian
Ending theme"Remaining Years" by Xiao Zhan
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes46
Executive producer(s)Chen Yingjie
Production location(s)
Editor(s)Zhang Jia
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time40-45 minutes
Production company(s)
DistributorNew Classics Media
Original network
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatStereo
First shown inChina
Original releaseNovember 26, 2019 (2019-11-26)

Joy of Life (Chinese: 庆余年; pinyin: Qìng Yúnián), also known as Thankful for the Remaining Years, is a 2019 Chinese television series that is based on the novel Qing Yunian (庆余年) by Mao Ni.[1] It stars Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin and Chen Daoming.[2][3][4] The series premiered on Tencent Video and iQiyi on November 26, 2019.[5][6]



Actor Character Introduction
Zhang Ruoyun[7] Fan Xian / Fan Shen Fan Jian's adopted son; the son of the emperor and Ye Qingmei. He is skilled in poison, medicine and martial arts. His level of martial arts is between level 7 and level 8 but it can reach level 9 when someone close to him dies, this can be seen when he defeated and later killed an 8th level martial artist with ease who was twice his size. He has memories from the 21st Century which allows him to use that knowledge to his advantage. Lin Wan'er's love interest and fiancee.
Li Qin[8] Lin Wan'er Commandery Princess. The illegitimate daughter of Lin Ruofu and the Elder Princess. Fan Xian's love interest and fiancee. She met Fan Xian in a temple while holding a chicken drumstick. She suffers from Tuberculosis, later Fan Xian treats her disease.
Chen Daoming[9] Emperor The tyrannical ruler of Qing, and a martial arts grandmaster. (Besides his surname Li, his given name was never mentioned, as the author said that such a role that could be simply referred as "the emperor His Majesty" needed no given name)


Southern Qing Empire[edit]

Imperial palace[edit]
Actor Character Introduction
Zheng Yuzhi Empress Dowager of Qing. Mother of the Emperor, Elder Princess Li Yunrui and Prince of Jing. Paternal aunt of the empress. Her clan was blamed for the death of Ye Qingmei and slaughtered by the Emperor.
Yuan Quan Ye Qingmei Fan Xian's birth mother, and lover of the emperor. Her inventions made the royal family wealthy which created the Royal Treasury and also founded the Overwatch department. She is killed by the emperor after he becomes uneasy about the influence and power she wields in court.
Li Xiaoran[10] Li Yunrui Elder Princess. The emperor's younger sister; Lin Wan'er's mother. She currently controls the Royal Treasury which will be passed on to Fan Xian when he marries Wan'er.
Lin Jing Noble Consort Shu The mother of the second prince. She enjoys reading books and is very calm and awkward around people.
Deng Tongtian Concubine Yi Liu Ruyu's cousin; the mother of the third prince (actually the fourth prince, as the Crown Prince is not included in the ranking).
Qiao Hong Talented Lady Ning The mother of the eldest prince. Originally she admires Chen Pingping. A native of Dongyi, her barbarian blood bars her son from the succession.
Liu Duanduan Li Chengze The second prince of Qing. Born by Noble Consort Shu. He appears laidback but underneath he is calculative and hides his true nature.
Han Jiunuo[11] Ye Ling'er Consort to the second prince. Fan Xian's loyal disciple; Lin Wan'er's friend.
Zhang Haowei Li Chengqian Crown Prince of Qing and the actual third prince of Qing. Born by the Empress.
Liu Runnan[12] Li Hongcheng Prince of Jing, full younger brother of the Qing Emperor. A close friend of the second prince.
Cui Zhigang Eunuch Hou The emperor's head eunuch.
Imperial court[edit]
Actor Character Introduction
Yu Yang[13] Lin Ruofu Chancellor of Qing. Lin Wan'er', Lin Dabao and Lin Gong's father.
Gao Shuguang[14] Fan Jian Count of Sinan and Minister of Revenue. He had a one-sided love for Ye Qingmei. Fan Ruoruo and Fan Sizhe's biological father. Fan Xian's adoptive Father.
Chang Cheng Guo Youzhi Minister of Rites.
Li Jianyi Mei Zhili Local Prefect of the Capital City.
Cui Peng Gong Dian The emperor's bodyguard and Vice-Commander of the Imperial Guards. 8th level martial artists
Du Yuming Eunuch Hong Siku Head Eunuch of the Empress Dowager. A ninth-grade martial arts master.
Control department aka Overwatch[edit]
Actor Character Introduction
Wu Gang[15] Chen Pingping Ruthless and astute head of the government's Control Department, an investigative agency that monitors other government branches. He is protective of Fan Xian and treats him like his son and wants him to inherit the role as Head of Overwatch Department. He has an unrequited love for Fan Xian's mother and was the king's close friend and trusted subordinate. Lost his legs to Xiao En.
Hai Yitian Zhu Ge Head of the first bureau of the control department.
Liu Hua[16] Fei Jie Head of the third bureau of the control department. Fan Xian’s first teacher. Master of Poison.
Dong Jingchuan Senior Leng Acting head of the third bureau of the control department.
Li Qiang Yan Ruohai Head of the fourth bureau of the control department.
Hei Qi Head of the fifth bureau of the control department. Known as Black Knight.
Wang Yifu Ying Zi Head of the sixth bureau of the control department. Known as Lord Shadow. He appears mysterious and no one has ever seen his face under his mask and hood. He is highly skilled in martial arts and according to Chen Ping Ping, he can wipe out an army of a thousand by himself.
Jiang Yang Xuan Jiu Head of the eighth bureau of the control department. He is in charge of the publication of books
Tian Yu[17] Wang Qinian A notary of the control department. Fan Xian's loyal subordinate.
Xiao Zhan[18] Yan Bingyun Yan Ruohai's son. A sleeper spy who is saved by Fan Xian on his journey across the kingdoms.
Fan's family and household[edit]
Actor Character Introduction
Cao Cuifen Fan Jian's mother. Fan Xian's (adoptive) grandmother. Fan Ruoruo and Fan Sizhe's biological grandmother. She lives in Danzhou and looked after Fan Xian when he was born. Fan Xian deliberately asked his grandmother to act cold towards him so she wouldn't be targeted by enemies who wants him dead. She cares deeply for Fan Xian.
Zhao Ke[19] Liu Ruyu Fan Jian's second wife. Fan Sizhe's mother. At the beginning, she disliked Fan Xian but later came to respect and love him.
Song Yi[20] Fan Ruoruo Fan Jian's daughter, Fan Xian's (adoptive) younger sister, Fan Sizhe's elder sister. Since childhood, they lived together in Danzhou, later her grandmother arranged her to leave for the capital to live with her father. She and Fan Xian have a close bond. When Fan Xian reached adulthood they are reunited and are now living in the capital.
Guo Qilin[21] Fan Sizhe Fan Jian's youngest son with Liu Ruyu. Excels at calculating money. Fan Xian (adoptive) and Fan Ruoruo's younger brother. He and Fan Xian started rocky but they became closer afterwards.
Wang Yang[22] Teng Zijing Originally a member of the fourth bureau of the control department, later Fan Xian's friend and bodyguard.
Han Yuanqi Teng Zijing's son.
Actor Character Introduction
Li Zifeng Yan Xiaoyi Commander of the Imperial Guards. 9th level martial artists and highly skilled in archery. He has sharp ears that allow him to distinct peoples heartbeat in nearby surrounding. He was promoted from a hunter by Princess Yunrui, he kept loyal to her.
Kang Jie Lin Gong Lin Ruofu's second son, he dislikes Fan Xian.
Lin Dabao Lin Ruofu's first son. He suffered brain damage at a young age. He and Fan Xian get along well.
Jia Jinghui Guo Baokun Guo Youzhi's son. Friend of the Crown Prince.
Li Shen[23] He ZongWei An orator/lawyer who often argues cases in favour of the aristocrats, much to the disgust of the commoners.
Tong Mengshi[24] Wuzhu A blind martial arts grandmaster that only a few people knows of his existence, loyal servant of Ye Qingmei. He serves Fan Xian under orders from his mother.
He Ziming Shang Shanhu One of Northern Qi's generals. Also god-son of Xiao En.
Guo Jia Nuo He Daoren Northern Qi spy. Dowager Empress's private spy. 9th level martial artist.
Si Gujian One of four martial arts grandmasters. Resides in Dongyi. Known for his skills with a sword.
Yu An Tan Wu Shangsan Hu's Lieutenant.
Ku He Uncle of the Emperor of Northern Qi. One of four martial arts grandmasters. Lives in the countryside.

Empire of Northern Qi[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Liang Aiqi Empress Dowager of Northern Qi.
Liu Meitong[25] Zhan Doudou Cross-dressing female emperor of Northern Qi.
Li Chun[26] Si Lili A spy from Northern Qi to infiltrate Southern Qing. Noble Consort of Northern Qi. Granddaughter of a Qing prince (presumably an uncle of the Qing Emperor) murdered by Ye Qingmei.
Yu Xiaowei[27] Shen Zhong Commander of the Jinyiwei Guards. He is highly skilled in martial arts and appears cunning and sadistic.
Xin Zhilei[28] Haitang Duoduo Blessed Maiden of Northern Qi. 9th level martial artists. Youngest disciple of Ku He.
Yu Rongguang Xiao En Zhuang Mohan's younger brother. Former spy-master for Northern Qi. Killed by Lang Tao and He Daoren.
Sun Yimu[29] Lang Tao Discple of Northern Qi's grandmaster Ku He. One of the most powerful martial artists in the world.


Principal photography commenced in January 2018 and the entire filming wrapped up in August 2018.[30]


The drama received positive reviews for its skillful adaptation of the original novel, comedic elements and logical story flow.[31] It also received praise for its cinematography, acting performance, special effects and action scenes; as well as its tight plot and interesting storyline.[32]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Nominee Results Ref.
Film and TV Role Model 2019 Ranking Popular Web Series Joy of Life Won [33]
China Literature Award Ceremony IP Adapted Drama of the Year Won [34]


1."One Life One Thought (一念一生)" (Opening theme song)Li JianLi JianLi Jian 
2."Remaining Years (余年)" (Ending theme song)Lu JingyaChen ShimeiXiao Zhan 

International broadcast[edit]

Region Network Dates Notes
 Hong Kong,
TVB Jade 2 March - 18 April (Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM) & 21 March (Saturday at 8:30 PM back to back episodes) Dubbed with Cantonese
 Malaysia 8TV (Malaysia) 15 May - (Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM) Original


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