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Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise logo.png
Founded2003 (2003)
FounderKarl Hofstetter
Distributor(s)Secretly Canadian
GenreIndie rock, alternative rock, experimental, doom metal
Country of originUnited States
LocationIndianapolis, Indiana

Joyful Noise Recordings is an independent record label from Indianapolis, Indiana. The label was founded in 2003 in Bloomington, Indiana by Karl Hofstetter, who also played drums on many of the label's first releases.[1] Joyful Noise maintains an active roster of over 30 bands playing various musical styles,[2] though according to the label, each artist "in one way or another bridges the gap between pop and noise."[1]


In 2010 Joyful Noise began focusing largely on limited edition specialty releases which are generally released on analog formats packaged with music downloads. In addition to releases on vinyl records, the label has gained notoriety for being at the forefront of the resurgence of cassette tapes and flexi-discs, as reported by The Washington Post, Pitchfork Media, Under The Radar, and others.[3][4][5][6][7]

Joyful Noise has released single-album cassettes from Akron/Family, Dinosaur Jr., Deerhoof, of Montreal, Here We Go Magic, and others, and has released multi-album Cassette Box Sets from Dinosaur Jr., of Montreal, and Joan Of Arc.[1]

In 2012 Joyful Noise released their first album to chart on Billboard: Kishi Bashi "151a" (debuting at #6 on the "Heatseekers" chart).[8] Since that time, new music on Joyful Noise from artists such as Sebadoh, Dumb Numbers, David Yow,[9] Son Lux, Swamp Dogg, Tropical Fuck Storm, Deerhoof, Why? and others have all charted.

From 2012 to 2016, in the spirit of continuing to explore musical community-building through the release of cult artists in obsolete audio-reproduction formats, Joyful Noise offered its monthly Flexi-Disc singles series. Each disc in the series is of peculiar and notable value as a rarity but some particularly memorable entries include Son Lux's cover of Jean Ritchie's "Black Waters", several Melvins & Joan of Arc-related tracks, a duet by Sufjan Stevens & Stranger Cat, Tortoise, Don Caballero and Daniel Johnston.[10][11][12]

The Flexi-Disc's brief renaissance was the second wave of obsolete-format-driven record sales originally conceived of and innovated by Joyful Noise (after cassette-tapes),[13] later to be duplicated by other labels in the independent music world.[11] JNR is also known for producing lathe-cut records, twelve-sided records,[14] records-that-are-also-musical-instruments[15] and a number of other more bizarre and bespoke musical artifacts.

In 2013, JNR released the first 7" in their Cause & Effect series—an ongoing project pairing JNR artists (appearing on the A-Side) with artists who have influenced them (appearing on the b-side).

In 2014, Joyful Noise started their annual Artist-In-Residence program:[16] working with seasoned cult artists to release the "pure-gold material they've got in the cans that's never found a venue for release" and to continue to support their ongoing work. JNR Artists-In-Residence have included: Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc, Cap'n Jazz et al.),[17] Rob Crow (Pinback, Goblin Cock, Optiganally Yours, et al.),[18] Jad Fair (Half-Japanese),[19] Thor Harris (Swans),[20] and Kramer (Shimmy-Disc), Deerhoof, and Yonatan Gat + Stone Tapes.[21]

In 2017, Joyful Noise began releasing their White Label series: undiscovered records selected by renowned musicians either represented or friendly with the label. Yoni Wolf of Why? selected Creature Native by The Ophelias as the first-entry in the White Label Series and the band was ultimately drafted to become part of the label's roster.[22] Other curators of the White Label series include Devendra Barnhart, Janet Weiss (Sleater Kinney), Kelley Deal (The Breeders), Mirah, Aesop Rock, Alex Somers, Blanck Mass, Kid Millions, Meredith Graves, Make Watt, Serengeti, tUNE-yARDs, Astronautilus, Cate Le Bon, Circuit des Yeux, Julianna Barwick, Sondre Lerche, St. Vincent, Thurston Moore and others.

The label is known for candid identification with and support of radical and revolutionary politics. They released collaborations between Bernie Sanders & Thurston Moore,[23] done fundraising to oppose the Trump Administration through the release of Anal Trump records[24] and stood in solidarity with Black Lives Matter during the George Floyd protests.[25]

In 2020, JNR founded the Church of Noise to build and perpetuate musically empowered community during the coronavirus pandemic and through the longtail of its fallout. In 2021, the label was featured in the New York Times as the only independent label interviewed in pursuit of a solution to the vinyl manufacturing slowdown (by doing lathe cut previews of vinyl albums that might take a six months to a year to make it through the manufacturing queue).[26]

As the major focus of Yonatan Gat's 2022 artist in residence


Current roster[edit]

"Open Relationships"[edit]

Past roster[edit]

Subscriptions and series[edit]

Artist in Residence[edit]

Starting in 2014, Joyful Noise began hosting artists for year-long residencies in which they release new music exclusively on the label.

Flexi Disc Series[edit]

In late 2011 Joyful Noise announced their 2012 Flexi Disc Series, which featured singles from Deerhoof, Jad Fair, Lou Barlow, of Montreal, and others.[29] Each artist contributed a single song which is not available anywhere else. Each Flexi Disc was limited to 500 copies, and were sold as a monthly subscription. Now in its fourth year, the Flexi Disc series has upped their distribution to 1000 copies of each single and grown to include acts such as Cloud Nothings, Sonny & the Sunsets, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore and Sufjan Stevens.[30]



Year Band Album Format Catalog No.
2022 Mythless We EP 7"/MP3 JNR 398
2021 Springtime Self-Titled JNR 386
2021 Deerhoof Actually, You Can JNR 377
2021 Helvetia Essential Aliens JNR 372
2021 Tropical Fuck Storm Deep States JNR 371
2021 The Ophelias Crocus JNR 368
2021 Lou Barlow Reason to Live JNR 367
2021 Jess Joy PATREEARCHY JNR 361
2021 Suuns The Witness JNR 360
2021 Dale Crover Rat-Tat-Tat JNR 344
2021 Electric Jesus Motion Picture Soundtrack JNR 333
2020 Serengeti With Greg From Deerhoof JNR 363
2020 Himmelrum Van, Dod & Ensomhed JNR 358
2020 Joan of Arc Tim, Melina, Bobby, Theo JNR 353
2020 Deerhoof Love Lore JNR 347
2020 Helvetia This Devastating Map JNR 343
2020 Various Safe In Sound: Home Recordings From Quarantine JNR 342
2020 No Joy Motherhood JNR 340
2020 El Ten Eleven Tautology JNR 332
2020 Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists JNR 331
2020 Ohmme Fantasize Your Ghost JNR 330
2020 Let It Come Down Self-Titled JNR 329
2020 Magic Sword Endless JNR 328
2020 Swamp Dogg Sorry You Couldn't Make It JNR 327
2020 Jad Fair + Daniel Johnston It's Spooky JNR 321
2020 Toshi Kasai Plan D JNR 309
2020 Thor & Friends 4 JNR 307
2020 Psychic Temple Houses of the Holy JNR 278


Year Band Album Format Catalog No.
2019 Mythless Dosed JNR 317-1
2019 El Ten Eleven Self-Titled JNR 312
2019 Kishi Bashi Omoiyari JNR 301
2019 Tropical Fuck Storm Braindrops JNR 299
2019 Mike Adams at His Honest Weight There is No Feeling Better JNR 298
2019 Big Business The Beast You Are JNR 295
2019 Good Fuck Self-Titled JNR 279
2019 CJ Boyd Kin Ships JNR 257
2018 Optiganally Yours OY in HI-FI JNR
2018 WHY? Alopecia 10th anniv. re-issue JNR 270
2018 Swamp Dogg Love, Loss & Auto-Tune JNR 269
2018 OHMME Parts JNR 268
2018 Hifiklub + Lee Ranaldo In Doubt, Shadow Him! JNR 267
2018 The Ophelias Almost JNR 265
2018 Joan of Arc 1984 JNR 263
2018 The Low Anthem The Salt Doll Went to Measure the Depth of the Sea JNR 255
2018 Mythless Patience Hell EP JNR 252
2018 Thom Fekete Grow JNR 249
2018 Richard Edwards Pity Party! JNR 248
2018 Oneida Romance JNR 246
2017 Qui w/ Trevor Dunn Self-Titled JNR 238
2017 Surfer Blood Covers JNR 237
2017 Dale Crover Fickle Finger of Fate JNR 235
2017 Sound of Ceres The Twin JNR 234
2017 Deerhoof Mountain Moves JNR 233
2017 Anal Trump To All The Broads I've Nailed Before JNR 228
2017 Jad Fair, Tenniscoats & Norman Blake Raindrops JNR 226
2017 Sleep Party People Linger JNR 224
2017 Richard Edwards Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset JNR 223
2017 WHY? Moh Lhean JNR 222
2017 Surfer Blood Snowdonia JNR 220
2017 Joan of Arc He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands JNR 219
2017 Psychic Temple IV JNR 217
2016 Dale Crover Skins JNR 215
2016 Lou Barlow Apocalypse Fetish EP JNR 212
2016 Rafter XYZ JNR 207
2016 Goblin Cock Necronomidonkeykongimicon JNR 205
2016 Big Business Command Your Weather JNR 204
2016 Jad & David Fair Shake, Cackle & Squall JNR 203
2016 Busman's Holiday Popular Cycles JNR 201
2016 Dumb Numbers II JNR 198
2016 Kishi Bashi Sonderlust JNR 197
2016 Saqqara Mastabas Libras JNR 194
2016 Mike Adams At His Honest Weight Casino Drone JNR 193
2016 Crosss Lo/Obsidian Spectre JNR 192
2016 Psychic Temple Psychic Temple Plays Music for Airports JNR 188
2016 Sound of Ceres Nostalgia for Infinity JNR 187
2016 Yoni & Geti Testarossa JNR 186
2015 Lil Bub Science & Magic JNR 184
2015 Surfer Blood 1000 Palms JNR 165
2015 J Fernandez Many Levels of Laughter JNR 164
2015 Stranger Cat In the Wilderness JNR 163
2015 Yonatan Gat Director JNR 161
2015 Reptar Lurid Glow JNR 160
2014 Serengeti Kenny Dennis III JNR 153
2014 Ko KO EP JNR 152
2014 Half Japanese Overjoyed JNR 151
2014 Kishi Bashi Lighght JNR 149
2014 Yonatan Gat Iberian Passage JNR 148
2014 Victor Villarreal Sleep Talk JNR 145
2014 Divorcee Snakes and Oyster JNR 144
2014 Sleeping Bag Deep Sleep JNR 141
2014 Son Lux Alternate Worlds JNR 139
2014 Mike Adams At His Honest Weight Best of Boiler Room Classics JNR 136
2014 Busman's Holiday A Long Goodbye JNR 135
2014 Hew Time Hew Time JNR 134
2014 Sisyphus Sisyphus JNR 132
2014 CJ Boyd The Space Between Us JNR 131
2014 Kishi Bashi Live On Valentines LP JNR 130
2013 Tim Kinsella, Marvin Tate, Leroy Bach, Angel Olsen Tim Kinsella Sings the Songs of Marvin Tate by Leroy Bach Featuring Angel Olsen LP JNR 129
2013 Son Lux Lanterns LP JNR 126
2013 of Montreal Lousy with Sylvanbriar CS JNR 123
2013 Son Lux Tear 7" JNR 121
2013 Sebadoh Defend Yourself LP JNR 120
2013 DMA Pheel Phree LP JNR 119
2013 WHY? Golden Tickets EP JNR 117
2013 David Yow Tonight You look Like a Spider LP JNR 116
2013 Dumb Numbers Self-Titled LP JNR 115
2013 Sebadoh Secret EP JNR 114
2013 Thurston Moore, Lou Barlow, David Yow, Talk Normal, Dumb Numbers, and Child Bite Cause & Effect (vol. 1) 7" JNR 113
2013 Joan of Arc Testimonium Songs CS JNR 103
2012 Kishi Bashi Room for Dream LP JNR 98
2012 Victor Villarreal / m0ck Split 7" JNR 96
2012 Here We Go Magic A Different Ship CS JNR 95
2012 Kishi Bashi 151a CD/LP JNR 92
2012 CJ Boyd West Coasting Vol. 1 - Dreams Like This Must Die (Seattle circa 91) LP/CS JNR 91
2012 of Montreal Paralytic Stalks CS JNR 90
2012 Joan of Arc Joan of Arc Presents: Joan of Arc LP JNR 88
2012 Child Bite Monomania LP JNR 87
2012 Jad Fair + Hifiklub + kptmichigan Bird House LP JNR 85
2012 Victor Villarreal Invisible Cinema LP JNR 84
2011 Dinosaur Jr. Cassette Trilogy CS JNR 86
2011 Marmoset Vinyl Box Set LP JNR 83
2011 Marmoset Today It's You LP JNR 82
2011 Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag CD/LP/Sleeping Bag JNR 80
2011 Dinosaur Jr. Bug CS JNR 79
2011 Joan Of Arc The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra Conducted by Fred Lonberg-Holm MP3 JNR 78
2011 Joan Of Arc Life Like CS JNR 77
2011 DMA Drem Beb CS JNR 76
2011 Memory Map Holiday Band CD/LP JNR 75
2011 Jookabox The Eyes Of The Fly CD/LP JNR 74
2011 Akron/Family Self-Titled II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT CS JNR 73
2011 Danielson Best of Gloucester County CS JNR 72
2011 of Montreal Cassette Box Set CS JNR 69
2011 Deerhoof Deerhoof vs. Evil CS JNR 68
2011 Joan Of Arc Oh Brother LP JNR 66
2010 Big Bear See Out MP3 JNR 71
2010 Big Bear Under The Beach MP3 JNR 70
2010 Hermit Thrushes Wooded Blankets CS JNR 67
2010 of Montreal False Priest CS JNR 65
2010 Joan Of Arc Flowers CS JNR 64
2010 Joan Of Arc Boo Human CS JNR 63
2010 Joan Of Arc Eventually, All At Once CS JNR 62
2010 Joan Of Arc Joan Of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain CS JNR 61
2010 Joan Of Arc In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust CS JNR 60
2010 Joan Of Arc So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness CS JNR 59
2010 Joan Of Arc The Gap CS JNR 58
2010 Joan Of Arc Live In Chicago, 1999 CS JNR 57
2010 Joan Of Arc How Memory Works CS JNR 56
2010 Joan Of Arc A Portable Model Of CS JNR 55
2010 Joan Of Arc Cassette Box Set CS JNR 50
2010 Child Bite The Living Breathing Organ Summer CD/LP/CS JNR 57
2010 CJ Boyd Alternate Roots MP3 JNR 53
2010 Marmoset Doo Wop b/w She's Wearing Rings CS JNR 52
2010 Berry Blue Sky, Raging Sun LP/CS JNR 49
2010 Prizzy Prizzy Please Prizzy Prizzy Please MP3 JNR 48
2010 Prizzy Prizzy Please Chroma Cannon CD/LP/CS JNR 47
2010 Jookabox / Kid Primitive Family Split CS JNR 46
2010 Racebannon Wrap the Body LP JNR 45
2010 Abner Trio The Giant Crushes You LP/CS JNR 42


Year Band Album Format Catalog No.
2009 Stationary Odyssey Johnfriend EP MP3 JNR 44
2009 Stationary Odyssey Sons of Boy CD JNR 43
2009 CJ Boyd Aerial Roots CD/LP JNR 41
2009 Jookabox Dead Zone Boys CD/LP JNR 40
2009 Marmoset Lemon Meringue Live MP3 JNR 39
2009 I Love You Bell Ord Forrest CD/CS JNR 38
2009 Child Bite / Big Bear Split 7" JNR 37
2009 Hermit Thrushes Slight Fountain CD JNR 36
2009 Marmoset Tea Tornado CD JNR 35
2009 Marmoset Tea Tornado CD JNR 35
2009 Valina A Tempo! A Tempo! CD JNR 34
2009 Push-Pull Between Noise and the Indians CD JNR 33
2009 Bizzart Future Stars And Small Wonders CD JNR 32
2009 The Delicious The Delicious The Delicious CD JNR 31
2009 Hi Red Center Assemble CD/LP JNR 29
2008 Push-Pull / Prizzy Prizzy Please PPPPPEP 7" JNR 30
2008 Various Artists Joyful Noise 2009 Digital Sampler MP3 JNR 28
2008 Man At Arms A Waste Of Time And Space CD JNR 27
2008 Grampall Jookabox Rill Bruh MP3 JNR 26
2008 Grampall Jookabox Ropechain CD/LP JNR 25
2008 Marmoset Record In Red LP JNR 24
2008 Various Artists Defunct Indiana CD JNR 23
2008 The Delicious Postcard To My Sewing Circle CD JNR 22
2008 LAFCADIO Kibosh CD JNR 21
2007 Child Bite I Like Friends (Single) MP3 JNR 20
2007 Push-Pull 3 EP CD JNR 19
2007 Child Bite Gold Thriller EP CD JNR 18
2007 Marmoset Florist Fired LP JNR 17
2007 Grampall Jookabox Scientific Cricket CD JNR 16
2007 Child Bite / Stationary Odyssey Physical Education EP CD JNR 15
2006 Stationary Odyssey Terror on The Hell Loop EP MP3 JNR 14
2006 Abner Trio / Man At Arms Self-Titled CD JNR 13
2006 Stationary Odyssey Head! Foot! And The Pink Axe CD JNR 12
2006 Melk The G6-49 Mene Mene Tekel Parsin CD JNR 11
2006 LAFCADIO Sham Duvet CD JNR 10
2006 Manners For Husbands Sickly Love Sadness MP3 JNR 09
2006 Abner Trio Distant Thunder of the Sacred Force CD JNR 08
2005 Various Artists Strata: A Young Person's Guide to Experimental Music CD JNR 07
2005 Gogglesphere / The Nancy School Split 7" JNR 06
2005 Receptor Sight Cycles and Connections CD JNR 05
2004 Gogglesphere Babies In Hell... CD JNR 04
2004 Melk the G6-49 Glossolalia CD JNR 03
2004 Manners For Husbands / Melk The G6-49 Split 7" JNR 02
2003 Melk the G6-49 Self-Titled CD JNR 01

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