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In Tenrikyo, the Joyous Life (yōki yusan or yōki gurashi) is an ideal taught by spiritual leaders and pursued through charity and abstention from greed, selfishness, hatred, anger and arrogance. Tenrikyo emphasizes the Joyous Life as a means of salvation for the whole world.

The characters that make up yōki yusan/gurashi are as follows:

  • (陽) is "positive", the same character as Yang in the Chinese Yin and Yang.
  • Ki (氣) is "spirit" or "energy", the same character as Qi in Chinese.
  • Yusan (遊山) is "an outing to the mountain or fields" (lit. excursion), implying an outgoing life.
  • Gurashi (暮) is "livelihood", implying life in a more day-to-day sense.

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