Joyrex J9i

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Joyrex J9i
EP by Caustic Window
Released 1993
Genre Acid House
Length 11:42
Label Rephlex Records
Caustic Window chronology
Joyrex J5 EP
Joyrex J9i
Joyrex J9ii

Joyrex J9i is a single by Richard D. James under the alias Caustic Window. The release is a 10 inch vinyl and was limited to an edition of 300 copies. The title of this release is very similar to another Caustic Window release titled Joyrex J9ii.

Joyrex J9i is a limited edition picture disc, featuring a picture of a Roland TB-303 synthesizer on Side A, and a picture of a Roland TR-606 drum machine on Side B. Hand-etched just inside the run-out groove on Side A are the words "THE ACID THAT FELL TO EARTH."

Both tracks were later re-released on the album Compilation.

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. "Humanoid Must Not Escape" – 5:41

Side B[edit]

  1. "Fantasia" – 6:01
  • No track titles appear anywhere on the release however, proper titles can be found on Compilation.