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Joyva Corporation
Private company
Industry Confectionery/Chocolate
Founded 1907
Founder Nathan Radutzky
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York
Products Candy bars, Halva
Website Joyva Corp.

Joyva is a chocolate and confectionery manufacturer headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. It was started in 1907 by a newly immigrated Russian man named Nathan Radutzky who was looking to start a company producing and selling sesame-based halvah. The company is still family-owned and continues to operate out of its Brooklyn location. Over the years the company expanded its production to include a variety of sesame, marshmallow, and jelly-based candies. Joyva candy is kosher parve and is most commonly found in kosher delis or stores in Jewish neighborhoods.[1]


A Joyva Joy, chocolate-covered raspberry jelly.

Joyva manufactures a variety of confections but its flagship product is halvah. The company has a line of halvah products ranging from halvah bars, halvah in cans and loafs of halvah with nuts. The halvah can be plain (vanilla), covered in chocolate or have chocolate mixed in (marble). Products that are not halvah-based either incorporate jelly, marshmallow or sesame. Their jelly-based candy is chocolate-covered, uses either raspberry or orange jelly and is made into rings or bars. They also offer Sesame Crunch, a candy composed of brittled sesame seeds and various chocolate-covered marshmallow [2]

Joyva sesame tahini, 15 oz.


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