Jožin z bažin

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"Jožin z bažin"
Single by Banjo Band
from the album Nashledanou!
B-side"Ušní Příhoda"
Songwriter(s)Ivan Mládek
Banjo Band singles chronology
"Dáša Jedla Cukroví"
"Jožin z bažin"
"V Motelu V Motole"
Ivan Mládek (right) and Banjo Band in 2008

Jožin z bažin is a song written by Czech musician and comedian Ivan Mládek and recorded by his group, Banjo Band, in 1977. It is considered the band's best-known song, both at home and internationally. In January 2008, it became popular in Poland, winning several radio hit lists,[1] and the band recorded a Polish version on their album Jozin z bazin w Polsce, released the same year. [2] It was also popular in Hungary, Austria, and Russia.[3]


The song is a parody on medieval tales, where a brave knight rescues a remote kingdom terrorized by a horrible monster, marries the princess, and receives half the kingdom as a reward. A man driving through the Czech region of Moravia in a Škoda 100 finds a village terrorized by a monster named Jožin (Joey from the swamps), who eats mainly tourists from Prague. The chairman of the local collective farm promises half of the farm, together with his daughter's hand in marriage, if the man defeats the monster. The man asks for a cropduster plane, the only known weapon against the monster. He catches Jožin and then decides to just sell him to a zoo.

Metallica cover[edit]

American heavy metal band Metallica covered the song during a concert in Prague in 2018, receiving an enthusiastic response from their audience.[4][5]


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