Jr. Gone Wild

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Jr. Gone Wild
Origin Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Genres Cowpunk
Years active 1982 (1982)–1995 (1995), 2013 (2013)–Current (Current)
Labels Better Youth
Stony Plain
Associated acts Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra
Website jrgonewild.com

Jr. Gone Wild is a country/punk rock based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, founded in 1982.

The band's founding members were Mike McDonald, Tom Wolfe, Adele Wolfe, and Bill (Will) Pontez(sp), they formed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They played several gigs in Calgary including The Calgarian Hotel and The National Hotel but after only a few gigs broke up. McDonald eventually took the band and the name back to Edmonton, where he had previously fronted the band Joey Did and the Necrophiliacs, later known as Malibu Kens, (McDonald, Dobek, Scott Alloy, Dennis Lenarduzzi).

The band's next members were Mike McDonald, David Lawson, Dave "Dove" Brown, and Ed Dobek. Dave and Ed left the band in 1988. The band continued with McDonald and Brown, Steve Loree and Paul Paetz. After many many tours and many many live up changes they broke up in 1995.[1]

They were also closely associated with Edmonton/Montreal-based band Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, sharing several members at various junctures. According to a CBC Radio interview in the late 1980s, k.d. lang played with both bands until Gerry Woods (Jerry Jerry) advised her that "she did not have the voice to make it".

Jr. reformed in 2013 after pressure from an Alberta promoter to perform again with Mike McDonald, Dove Brown, Steve Loree and drummer Larry Shelast. The reunion gig was well received and the band started to perform live again.

In 2015 NTT Films began filming a feature-length documentary that follows the history of the band, from their first gig through to the present recording sessions and live shows.


  • Less Art, More Pop! (1986)
  • Folk You (The Guido Sessions) (1989)
  • Too Dumb to Quit (1990)
  • Pull The Goalie (1992)
  • Simple Little Wish (1995)
  • Live at the Hyperbole (1995) (with Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie)


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