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For the Japanese language exam, see J-test.
For the statistical method, see Generalized_method_of_moments#J-test.
Developer(s) Parasoft
Stable release 9.5 / December 5, 2012 (2012-12-05)
Operating system Cross-platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows
Type Testing
License Proprietary software
Website Jtest at Parasoft.com

Jtest is an automated Java software testing and static analysis product that is made by Parasoft. The product includes technology for Unit test-case generation and execution, static analysis, regression testing, runtime error detection, code review, and Design by contract.[1] [2] [3][4] Jtest is used by companies such as Cisco Systems, TransCore, AIG United Guaranty and Wipro Technologies.[5][6]


Jtest won the 19th Dr.Dobb's Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards in the security tool category (as part of Parasoft's Application Security Solution).[7] Previously, Jtest was granted a Codie Award from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) for "Best Software Testing Solution" in 2007[8] and 2005.[9] It also won "Technology of the Year" award as "Best Application Test Tool" from InfoWorld two years in a row in 2006 and 2007.[10][11][12] Jtest first received the Jolt Award for Excellence in 2000.[13]

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