Juan Alonso Pimentel de Herrera

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El Greco, Portrait of Juan Alfonso de Pimentel y Herrera. Museum Bonnat, Bayonne, France

Juan Alonso Pimentel de Herrera (died 7 November 1621, in Benavente, Spain) was a Knight of the Order of Santiago, Grandee of Spain, 5th Duke of Benavente at the death without issue of the 4th Duke, as he was the second son of the 3rd Duke, 8th Count of Mayorga, 3rd Count of Villalón, President of the Council of Italy, 15th Viceroy of Valencia, 25th Viceroy of Naples.

In 1569 he married Catalina de Quiñones Vigil de Quiñones (died 1574), 6th Countess of Luna. In 1582 he married his cousin Mencía de Zúñiga y Requeséns, daughter of Luis de Requesens y Zúñiga, Governor of the Duchy of Milan 1572–1573, Governor of the Spanish Netherlands (1573–1576).


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