Juan Brüggen

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Juan Brüggen
Born 25 April 1887 (1887-04-25)
Lübeck, Germany
Died 7 March 1953 (1953-03-08) (age 65)
Santiago, Chile
Citizenship Germany, West Germany
Nationality German
Fields Geology
Institutions University of Chile
Known for Chilean geology

Johannes Brüggen Messtorff better known by his hispanized name Juan Brüggen (Lübeck, Germany, April 25, 1887 – March 7, 1953, Santiago de Chile) was a German-Chilean geologist. One of his most famous works is the extensive treaty of Fundamentos de la geología de Chile published in 1950. Brüggen Glacier in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field is named after him.

Two of Brüggen's students established the geology degree at the University of Chile; Jorge Muñoz Cristi and Héctor Flores Williams.[1]

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