Juan Carlos Blanco Estradé

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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Blanco and the second or maternal family name is Estradé.

Juan Carlos Blanco Estradé (born 1934) is a Uruguayan lawyer and political figure.


He comes from a distinguished Uruguayan political family. His father Daniel Blanco Acevedo was a Deputy representing Montevideo in the 1940s and 1950s. His grandfather Juan Carlos Blanco Fernández was himself Uruguayan Foreign Minister in the 19th Century. His uncle Juan Carlos Blanco Acevedo was Foreign Minister in the 1920s.

He is a prominent member of the Colorado Party.

Early career[edit]

He qualified as a lawyer.

Subsequently he worked for many years for the Organization of American States.

Political offices[edit]

He was Foreign Minister of Uruguay from 1972 to 1976; his name is closely associated with the civic-military dictatorship. .[1]

He was Uruguayan Ambassador to the United Nations from 1982-1985.

Subsequently he served in the Senate from 1990 to 1995, and was regarded as being close politically with Jorge Pacheco Areco, a former President of Uruguay.

On 17 January 2017 a court in Rome, Italy sentenced him to life imprisonment.

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