Juan G. Sanguin

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Juan G. Sanguin
DiedJanuary 7, 2006(2006-01-07) (aged 72–73)
Scientific career
Institutions"El Leoncito" Astronomical Complex

Juan G. Sanguin (1933 – 7 January 2006[1]) was an Argentine astronomer.

Sanguin guided the studies about Small Solar System bodies at the "El Leoncito" Astronomical Complex (Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito, CASLEO) for more than 25 years.[2] He had collaborated with Carlos Cesco.[1]

He is known for the discovery of periodic comet 92P/Sanguin, on October 15, 1977, at the "El Leoncito" Astronomical Complex.

The asteroid 5081 Sanguin brings his name.[2]


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