Juan Godoy

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Juan Godoy
Juan godoy.jpg
Statue of Juan Godoy in Copiapó
Juan Godoy

Near Copiapó, Chile
Died1842 (aged 41–42)
Copiapó, Chile
Known forDiscovered the silver ore of Chañarcillo

Juan Godoy was a Chilean prospector and woodcutter who in 1832 discovered an outcrop (reventón) of silver 50 km south of Copiapó in Chañarcillo.[1] This event sparkled the Chilean silver rush.[1] He successfully claimed the discovered outcrop in his name and the name of José Godoy and Manuel Gallo.[1] The finding attracted thousands of people to the place and generated significant wealth.[2]

The mineral juangodoyite (Na2Cu(CO3)2) was named after him in 2005.[3]


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