Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon

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Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon
36th Spanish Governor of New Mexico
In office
October 5, 1712 – October 5, 1715
Preceded byJose Chacón Medina Salazar y Villaseñor
Succeeded byFelix Martínez de Torrelaguna
Personal details
Born17th century
ProfessionMilitary and administrator (Governor of New Mexico)

Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon was a Spanish military officer who served as governor of Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico between 1712 and 1715, replacing Jose Chacón Medina Salazar y Villaseñor.


Mogollon joined the Spanish Army in his youth, where he excelled, attaining the title of Official.[1]

Mogollon was commissioned governor of New Mexico by Felipe V in Madrid and, having reached Santa Fe, assumed the office on October 5, 1712. His salary, which had been fixed by the king, was two thousand dollars per annum. Within the first year of the new governor's term, he had to cope with a rebellion of the Suma Indians against the Spaniards in El Paso. He was accused of malfeasance in office and was relieved of his position by royal order on October 5, 1715, being replaced by Felix Martínez de Torrelaguna. The trial was finally held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1721, long after Mogollon had left the province. The finding of the court was sent to the viceroy of New Spain for confirmation, the costs having been adjudged against Mogollon. However, the officer charged with collecting the costs reported that neither the accused nor any of his property could be found.[2]



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