Juan José Estrada

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This article is about the former Nicaraguan President. For the Mexican boxer, see Juan José Estrada (boxer).

Juan José Estrada Morales (1 January 1872, Managua – 11 July 1967) was the President of Nicaragua from 30 August 1910 to 9 May 1911.


He was a member of the Conservative Party of Nicaragua. He began a rebellion against the liberal government of José Santos Zelaya in 1909. Zelaya soon resigned, and in August 1910 the unstable liberal government that succeeded him fell. Estrada became president, and the new conservative government was supported by the United States. During the conservative regime that followed his presidency for over 15 years, US marines had a presence in Nicaragua. Estrada was born and died in Managua.

Political offices
Preceded by
Luis Mena
President of Nicaragua
Succeeded by
Adolfo Díaz