Juan José Méndez Fernández

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Juan José Méndez Fernández
Personal information
Nationality Spanish
Born (1964-03-27) March 27, 1964 (age 53)
Country  Spain
Sport Cycling
Disability class C1
Achievements and titles
Paralympic finals 2004 Athens
2008 Beijing
2012 London

Juan Jose Mendez Fernandez (born March 27, 1964 in Barcelona) is a cyclist from Spain.


Méndez was born on 27 March 1964 in Barcelona,[1] and is from the Catalan region of Spain.[2] He is missing part of his left arm and leg.[1]


Méndez is a C1/LC4 classified cyclist.[3][4]

Méndez competed at the 2004 Summer Paralympics in cycling. He was the number three cyclists to finish in the Road Trial LC4 race.[1][4] At the 2005 European Road Cycling Championship, he won a pair of silver medals and a bronze medal.[1] At the 2006 Cycling World Road Championships, he won a bronze medal.[1] At the 2007 World Track Cycling Championships, he earned a bronze medal.[1] He competed at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in cycling. He was the number two cyclists to finish in the Road Trial LC4 race. He was the number three cyclists to finish in the Individual Pursuit track LC4 race.[1][4]

Méndez competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics[2][4][5] in cycling in the Men's Individual C1-2-3 1 km Cycling Time Trial.[6][7] From the Catalan region of Spain, he was a recipient of a 2012 Plan ADO scholarship.[2] At a two-day para-cycling event in Geneva, Switzerland in December 2013, he finished second in one of the event's races.[8]


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