Juan José Palacios

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Juan José Palacios
Birth name Juan José Palacios
Born (1943-11-17)17 November 1943
Puerto de Santa María, Triana, Sevilla, Spain
Died 9 July 2002(2002-07-09) (aged 58)
Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain
Genres Flamenco
Occupation(s) baterist
Instruments Battery
Years active 1960–2002
Associated acts Triana

Juan José Palacios Orihuela (17 November 1943 – 9 July 2002) was a Spanish musician and record producer. Drummer of the rock band Triana.


Early life[edit]

Born 1944 in Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz), nicknamed "Tele" comes from his grandfather who was the head of the Posts and Telegraphs of the town and former heads of post living in the same building as offices (where born) at birth and the telegrapher said "has another telegram arrived."


For 16 years he played guitar in The Jerrys with which only lasted a couple of performances, and then went through The Players, The Shadows and The Bombina, leading to the dreamers, and Gong Gazpacho, with the departure of this group when Eduardo Rodríguez Rodway and Jesús de la Rosa Luque makes natural and original idea which is the group Triana. Of the components of Triana has the most experience obtained in other groups.


On July 8, 2002 he suffered a heart attack a few hours after a concert in Lora de Estepa (Seville) at 57 years of age. He was buried in the churchyard of Villaviciosa de Odon.

Tribute to Jesus[edit]

In tribute to Jesus de la Rosa, released a new album called "I have to go with songs recorded with a cassette Triana before the release of their first LP" El patio "and some followers were disappointed with Triana" Tele "the thought that it was for economic interest. Tele recasts in 1994 under his label Triana J. J. Rock. On this occasion did not hide the reasons. Released two albums "The Electric Garden" in 1997 and "freedom" in 1998. It was an era of well-deserved, albeit slight, splendor. The sales were not outstanding, but allowed him to stay afloat in the world of the show and return to play with true devotion.


with Triana[edit]

with New Triana[edit]

  • El jardín eléctrico (1997)
  • En libertad (1998)


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