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Juan Mora is the pen name of Juan Niccolo Paolo Mora Garzón Palacios de Guzman de Borbón y Borbón,[1] an amateur Spanish/Colombian fashion blogger[2] and grandson of Virgelina de Palacios, a Franco-Colombian hotelier and founder of the Casa Blanca hotel in Capurganá, Colombia,[3] and Alfonso Garzón, an engineer and entrepreneur in Colombia . He was reportedly introduced to fashion by his grandmother (Lyda Garzón de Guzman de Borbón y Borbón)[4] at the age of three, when she would read him Vogue and allow him to play with her various bottles of Chanel perfumes.[5] He began blogging on tumblr.com at the age of 15, shortly after being introduced to tumblr by his high school photography professor. His blog, which attracts over 1,500 readers per day,[6] has been twice featured on the "suggested blogs" page of tumblr.com.[7]

After being featured as a guest commentator on a TOMS shoes article published by the Boca Raton High School's PawPrint,[8] he netted front row invitations to Miami Swim Week by Roberto Cavalli Swim Wear.[9]

Juan Mora is also related to Colombian footballer Tressor Moreno

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