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Juan Rexach, (fl. 1431-1482) was a Spanish painter and miniaturist. His date of birth is not known.

Most of his life is scarcely documented. He studied with Jacomart, in whose studio he worked, and after a period of time Rexach succeeded his master. He completed some altarpieces left incomplete by Jacomart, and worked with him on certain commissions, so sometimes attributions can be difficult. Rexach opted for large formats and monumental treatment of the figures.

Rexach was an eminent painter in Valencia during the 15th century. Although his works are markedly Spanish, they also reflect influences of other European artistic style, especially Flanders. His famous painting, The Crucifixion, resembles the work of Gerard David. The architecture shown in the painting is northern. His other famous work, Madonna and Child Enthroned, was in vogue to the point of becoming a motif in Valencian art of his time. These two paintings were part of a larger retable.[1]

Among his works are the following altarpieces:


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