Juan de Bolas River

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Juan de Bolas River
Juan de Bolas River is located in Jamaica
Juan de Bolas River
Confluence of the Juan de Bolas River with the Rio Minho
Country Jamaica
Basin features
Main source Juan de Bolas Mountain
2,743 ft (836 m)
18°04′14″N 77°07′36″W / 18.070554°N 77.126770°W / 18.070554; -77.126770
River mouth Confluence with Rio Minho
625 ft (191 m)
18°04′57″N 77°13′41″W / 18.082524°N 77.228160°W / 18.082524; -77.228160
Physical characteristics
Length 10 mi (16 km)

The Juan de Bolas River rises in Saint Catherine, Jamaica,[1] and flows through Saint Catherine and Clarendon.[2] It is one of two rivers in Jamaica named after Juan de Bolas, the first Chief of the Jamaican Maroons.[2]


The river rises just east of Juan de Bolas Mountain, at just under 2,743 feet (836 m)[1] from where it flows north, north-west, west and south-south-west to a confluence with the Rio Minho.[1]


Tributaries (source to confluence) include:[1]


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