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Juan de Lienas (fl.ca. 1640), is a composer, probably Mexican, whose compositions - several polyphonic masses and motets in the old style of Guerrero - are found in the Convento del Carmen Codex, of the former Convent school in San Ángel, Mexico City.[1] He is "tentatively identified" with Juan Hernández chapelmaster of Mexico City Cathedral till 1620.[2] If so, then he is unusual for cathedral chapelmasters of the period in being of Mexican Indian origin and married.[3][4][5][6]

One source identifying him as a Cuban composer and chapelmaster at the Cathedral of Havana is to be disregarded.[7]

Selected discography[edit]

  • Juan de Lienas, Missa. Les Chemins du Baroque 8: Messe de l'Assomption de la Vierge. Compañia Musical de las Américas dir. Josep Cabré, K617
  • Nicolas Gombert, Ferdinand de Lassus, Juan De Lienas; Messe de la Bataille en Nouvelle Espagne - Mexique es:Cristina García Banegas K617


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