Juan de Quintana

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Juan de Quintana (died 1534) was a Franciscan friar and confessor to the Habsburg emperor Charles V.

Juan de Quintana was a student of Eramus and a student at the Sorbonne receiving his doctorate there. He was a member of the Cortès d’Aragon, the parliament or advisory council for the King of Aragon, and a member of the faculty at the liberal arts school in Zaragoza which later became the first college of the University of Zaragoza. It was in Zaragoza that Michael Servetus first became his secretary (1526–1527 and 1529–1530). In 1530, Juan de Quintana became the confessor, and advisor to, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Juan de Quintana remained with the imperial court until his death in 1534.

Juan de Quintana is most noted for his influence on Michael Servetus. Under his tutelage, Michael Servetus was exposed not only to the works of Eramus, but to the full text of the Bible including Hebrew sources, and the tracts of Martin Luther. In 1530 Juan de Quintana provided Michael Servetus with a "ring-side seat" on papal pomp when Pope Clement VII crowned Charles V in Bologna.