Juana Capdevielle

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Juana Capdevielle
Juana Capdevielle San Martín, 1905-1936.jpg
Born 12 August 1905
Madrid, Spain
Died 18 August 1936
Nationality Spanish
Alma mater University of Madrid

Juana Capdevielle (1905–1936) was a Spanish educator and librarian.


Juana Capdevielle was born in Madrid and went to Pamplona to study at a high school. She moved back to Madrid in order to pursue a university education and later travelled to France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. After she married Francisco Pérez Carballo, governor of La Coruña, she moved to Galicia.[1] Her husband was arrested and shot by the rebel military in July 1936 at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Shortly thereafter, on 18 August, she was arrested by the Guardia Civil. On the following morning her body was found in Rábade; she had been raped and subsequently killed. Juana was pregnant at the time of her murder.[2]

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