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Juberi Memons (Urdu: میمن‎; Sindhi: ميمڻ‎) are an ethnic group residing in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. They speak Sindhi and Kachi. They are primarily involved in agriculture, business and education unlike other Memons who tend to be only businessmen[citation needed] or only agriculture. They are generally believed to have been the descendants of those on the right-hand flank of Mohammad Bin Qasim's forces which invaded.[citation needed]

History and origin[edit]

The word "Memon" came from "Momen" which means "faithful". They came from Southern Yemen (Aden), with Mohammad Bin Qasim's army . Today Juberi Memons are settled in New Saidabad, Hyderabad and Karachi in Sindh province. Memon Communities Other sub-castes are Jumani, Deeplai, Yousefani and Bachani. They belong to Bachani group.

This group is purely a religious minded group, mostly followers of Traditions called "Al-Hadith" Ahl-e-Hadis. (primarily Sunni). Haji Abdul Karim Memon who usually had visited at Mecca and had met a saint of Sindh "Rashdi of peer Jahando". They were migrated from Karachi and on a 4 miles distance they established new city "New saidabad". Their homes are in the centre, now 90% their family members are migrated to Hyderabad and Karachi again due to the sudden demise of their religious saint, Alama's Badiudeen Shah Rashdi of Peer jando (Pehriyoun Coat)" and his brother Alama Muabullah Shah Rashidi of Peer Jando (Agiyoun Coat). They are called Jubery Memon because they had been wearing "JUBA" Dress i-e the (coat) over the Shalwar Qameez as is being worn by Arabs over their Tobe (Long Shirts).

Customarily they are bearded, they do not trim as per their creed " AL-Dadith" and they follow Hadith (traditions) of Muhammad Hadith "Trim your moustache & grow your beard".

They are the most educated people in Sindh, in business and in professions i.e. engineers, Jurists, healers, doctors, officers, etc.

They migrated from Karachi to New Saidabad Sindh near Hala Sharif. following Alam Badiudin Shah Rashdi of peer Jhando. They also speak Kathiwari, Kachi and their relatives still live in Bhuj and Bombay.

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