Jubilee Hill

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Jubilee Hill
Thirdsland and Jubilee Hill on the Malvern Hills - geograph.org.uk - 3153.jpg
Thirdsland and Jubilee Hill
Highest point
Elevation 327 m (1,073 ft) [1]
Parent peak End Hill
Coordinates 52°04′49″N 2°20′19″W / 52.0804°N 2.3387°W / 52.0804; -2.3387Coordinates: 52°04′49″N 2°20′19″W / 52.0804°N 2.3387°W / 52.0804; -2.3387
Location Malvern Hills, England
Topo map OS Landranger 150
Age of rock Pre-Cambrian
Mountain type Igneous, Metamorphic
Easiest route Hiking

Jubilee Hill is situated in the range of Malvern Hills that runs about 13 kilometres (8 mi) north-south along the Herefordshire-Worcestershire border. It lies between Perseverance Hill and Pinnacle Hill and has an elevation of 327 metres (1,073 ft).[1]

Jubilee Hill was named by the Malvern Hills Conservators in 2002 in honour of The Queen's Golden Jubilee. The Duke of York unveiled a plaque at the top of the hill, commemorating its new identity, in 2003.[2]

The site was also previously known, and is still today by a group of locals, as 'Dad's Hill', after a well-loved local bicycle shop-owner called Mr Earp who climbed Jubilee Hill frequently. Commemorated there upon his passing a local group still climb the hill on the same day every year in his name.

Jubilee Drive, the road which runs along the western (Herefordshire) side of the hills, was built and named for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, in 1887.[3]


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