Jubileum Volume II

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Jubileum Volume II
Compilation album by Bathory
Released 1993
Genre Black metal, Viking metal
Length 74:21
Label Black Mark
Producer Borje Forsberg and Quorthon
Bathory chronology
Jubileum Volume I
Jubileum Volume II
Jubileum Volume III

Jubileum Volume II is a compilation album by Bathory. It was preceded by Jubileum Volume I (1992) and succeeded by Jubileum Volume III (1998).

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Quorthon.

No. Title Source Length
1. "The Return of the Darkness and Evil" Scandinavian Metal Attack, 1984 4:59
2. "Burnin' Leather" previously unreleased, recorded 1987 3:54
3. "One Rode to Asa Bay" Hammerheart 9:20
4. "The Golden Walls of Heaven" Blood Fire Death 5:23
5. "Call from the Grave" Under the Sign of the Black Mark 4:58
6. "Die in Fire" previously unreleased, 4-track demo, recorded 1983 3:36
7. "Shores in Flames" Hammerheart 10:44
8. "Possessed" The Return…… 2:40
9. "Raise the Dead" Bathory 3:40
10. "Total Destruction" The Return of the Darkness and Evil 3:50
11. "Bond of Blood" Twilight of the Gods 7:37
12. "Twilight of the Gods" Twilight of the Gods 13:40
Total length: 74:21