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Judas Priest Tour
Concert by Judas Priest
Start date25 November 1969
End date20 April 1970
No. of shows17
Judas Priest concert chronology

The Judas Priest Tour was a concert tour by British heavy metal band Judas Priest. It ran from 25 November 1969 until 20 April 1970, venturing through cities in England and Scotland.[1][2]

This tour consisted of the early original line-up of the band featuring Al Atkins (vocals), Ernie Chataway (guitar), Bruno Stapenhill (bass) and John Partridge (drums). Previous member John Perry (guitar) was killed in an automobile accident, according to Atkins, shortly after the band's formation and was subsequently replaced by Chataway.[3] This is not the same entity that would become the famous band in the ensuing years. This band would break up in mid-1970, and Atkins would join the singer-less band Freight featuring K.K. Downing and Ian Hill, changing their name soon after Atkins joined to the more familiar one known today.


The band performed cover songs as they had no material of their own at the time. Another song, apparently from blues/folk musician Sonny Terry, was played but is not known what they performed [4]

  1. "Born to be Wild" (Steppenwolf cover)
  2. "Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran cover)
  3. Unknown Sonny Terry song

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
25 November 1969 Walsall England George Hotel
21 December 1969 Dingwall Scotland Dingwall Town Hall
23 December 1969 Aberdeen Beach Ballroom
27 December 1969 Montrose Locarno Ballroom
31 December 1969 Inverness Caledonian Hotel
5 January 1970 Fort William The Crofter Bar
9 January 1970 Lossiemouth Naval Base
10 January 1970
7 February 1970 Walsall England Masonic Hall
14 February 1970 Wednesbury Wednesbury Community Centre
21 February 1970 Walsall George Hotel
8 March 1970 Edgbaston Club Westbourne
9 March 1970 Shrewsbury Rugby Club
11 March 1970 Stourbridge Old Swinford Hospital School
13 March 1970 Nottingham Moor Farm Inn
15 March 1970 Hereford Hereford Town Hall
20 April 1970 Cannock Cannock Youth Centre


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