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Jude Weng
Jude Weng on the set of Fresh Off The Boat, November 2016
Jude Weng on the set of Fresh Off The Boat, November 2016
BornTaipei, Taiwan
OccupationTelevision director
Notable worksFresh Off The Boat

Jude Weng (Chinese name: Weng Fei-fei/"翁菲菲") is a Taiwanese-born American television writer, producer, and director of multi- and single-camera half-hour comedies, and one-hour dramas. She has directed a variety of shows on American broadcast networks, premium cable channels and streaming services such as Black-ish[1] (ABC), The Good Place[2] (NBC), iZombie[3] (The CW), Crashing[4] (HBO), and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt[5] (Netflix), as well as multiple episodes of Fresh Off the Boat[6][7][8] (ABC), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend[9][10] (The CW), Life in Pieces[11][12] (CBS), and Young Sheldon (CBS). In 2019, Weng became the first Asian-American woman ever to direct a half-hour broadcast network pilot, the untitled single-camera comedy by writer/showrunner Jessica Gao.[13]

Weng’s professional training includes the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women,[14] Disney's ABC Directing Program,[15] Warner Bros. Television Directors’ Workshop,[16] and the HBOAccess Writing Fellowship.[17]

Weng is a co-writer and co-producer of "The Buddy Games", an action comedy, starring Dan Bakkedahl, Josh Duhamel, Nick Swardson, Kevin Dillon, James Roday, Dax Shepard, and Olivia Munn.[18]


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