Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic

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Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic
Native to Israel, Italy
Native speakers
35,000 (1994)[1]
Hebrew alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3 yud
Glottolog jude1264[2]

Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic (also known as Tripolitanian Judeo-Arabic, Jewish Tripolitanian-Libyan Arabic, Tripolita'it, Yudi) is a variety of Arabic spoken by Jews formerly living in Libya. Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic differs from standard Libyan Arabic in that it closely resembles the original dialect of the sedentary population, whereas much of Libya's population now speaks Bedouin-influenced varieties of Arabic.[3] A reference grammar is available.[4]


In ca. 1994 there were 35,000 speakers of Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic, mostly in Israel (30,000) and Italy (5,000).[5] As of 2014, those in Israel are mostly over the age of 60 and are bilingual in Hebrew.[6]


There were 20,000 Jews living in Tripoli in 1948. About 14,000 migrated to Israel and Italy in 1948-1952, following two riots. After riots during the Six-Day War in 1967, most of the remaining 6,000 Jews emigrated; there were only a few dozen Jews living in Tripoli in 1970.[4]

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