Judge Not

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"Judge Not"
Single by Bob Marley & Beverley's Allstars
Released 1962
Genre Ska
Label Beverley's
Writer(s) Bob Marley
Producer(s) Leslie Kong
Bob Marley & Beverley's Allstars singles chronology
"Judge Not"
"One Cup of Coffee"

"Judge Not" is the first single Bob Marley recorded. It was released in 1962, only in Jamaica on Leslie Kong label Beverley's. With a ska beat, Marley has a youthful voice, as it was his first recorded song. Though "Judge Not" failed to achieve much success, Marley was not discouraged and continued to record music. "Judge Not" was rereleased in the Songs of Freedom album in 1992 as well as other compilations. The song was also covered by Sublime, and can be found on the box set Everything Under the Sun.

The song is about morality, and may have been based on the Biblical quote "Judge not lest ye be judged". Some of the song lyrics are paraphrased in the background vocals of the later Marley hit "Could You Be Loved".