Judgemeadow Community College

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Judgemeadow Community College
Motto "Working together to ensure the highest quality of education for each individual"
Established c. 1985
Type Community school
Religion Protestant Christian
President Kath Kelly
Principal Alex Petrie
Chair of the Interim Executive Board Lorraine O'Reilley
Founder Leicester City Council
Location Marydene Drive

52°37′18″N 1°03′53″W / 52.6217°N 1.0648°W / 52.6217; -1.0648Coordinates: 52°37′18″N 1°03′53″W / 52.6217°N 1.0648°W / 52.6217; -1.0648
Local authority Leicester
DfE URN 120287 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–16
Colours Gray
Website School homepage

Judgemeadow Community College is a mixed community secondary school, located in the Evington area of Leicester in the English county of Leicestershire Being rated Inadequate during the recent Ofsted inspection. [1]

As a community school, Judgemeadow Community College is administered by Leicester City Council, who also coordinate admissions to the school. The school moved into a new building on the same site in June 2009 as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme.

With a higher than average 1202, Judgemeadow Community College has a large number of pupils in the UK. With only 45.3% girls against 54.7% boys, the school has slightly more males than females. Schools maintain a record of attendance through a series of registration sessions at the beginning and end of the school day. They have a 94.5% rate of pupils regularly attending, which is around average. With 73 members of staff, Judgemeadow Community College is well staffed, with an ample number of teachers. Having a higher than average 16:1 teacher/pupil ratio, This School has a large number of pupils in this local authority. The government considers 5 good GCSE grades at grade A-C as a successful achievement for a pupil at KS4. An average GCSE (KS4) score of 39.7 is a little above the normal result for the school. The average full time teacher`s salary for the school is £40342, which is higher than nationwide average. Only 57.2% of pupils speak English as a 1st language in Judgemeadow Community College, a proportion much lower than the countries average figure.

As a state comprehensive school within the east midlands, Judgemeadow academically performs, above average compared to national statistics, Progress 8 score Judgemeadow: +0.09 Leicester City average: -0.01 National average: 0   Attainment 8 score Judgemeadow: 49.2 Leicester City average: 42.4 National average: 44.2   Students achieving a strong pass (grade 5) in English and Maths Judgemeadow: 45% Leicester City average: 34.7% National average: 39.1%   Students achieving the EBacc Judgemeadow: 27% Leicester City average: 14.8% National average: 19.5%   Students staying in education or employment Judgemeadow: 94% Leicester City average: 90% National average: 94%

Ofsted inspection: The recent Ofsted inspection rated the school inadequate.

Judgemeadow Community College offers GCSEs, BTECs and ASDAN qualifications as programmes of study for pupils.[2]

Notable former pupils[edit]


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