Judgement Day (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

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Judgement Day
Judgement Day (The Sarah Jane Adventures).jpg
Author Scott Gray
Audio read by Anjili Mohindra
Series Doctor Who
The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection
Release number
Publisher BBC Audio
Publication date
10 November 2011
Media type Audiobook
CD and Digital Download (60 min.)
ISBN 978-1-4084-6996-5
Preceded by Children of Steel

"Judgement Day" is the tenth and final audio story in a series of ten audiobooks, this adventure is written by Scott Gray and is a spin-off from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, itself a spin-off from Doctor Who.[1]


Sarah Jane is having a quiet Saturday and whilst across the street Rani's mother Gita is have engine problem. Sarah Jane soon fixes it with her Sonic lipstick when Gita and her husband Haresh are not looking. In the attic Rani is studying American history, while Sky and Clyde are dancing which is annoying Rani. Sarah Jane tell Mr. Smith to turn off the music. Later Mr. Smith detects an alien ship over the white cross mall.[2]

Sarah Jane decides to go to the shopping mall with Sky, Rani and Clyde. Once inside the mall everyone inside becomes trapped when a green forcefield appears stopping them from leaving. An alien voice states they are look a deceiver, by this time Rani has run to find her mother Gita who is selling flowers in the mall on a stall. Suddenly green balls begin to take people, Sarah Jane uses her lipstick and it lets the people go but the green balls come for her instead.[2]

Sarah Jane then find herself in another room and in front of three alien who identify themselves as Veritas, they put her on trial for keeping the truth about aliens from the people of Earth. Sarah Jane is shown her past that shows her covering up stories, Rani then appears is then taken by the green balls and ends up in the same place as Sarah Jane.[2]

Meanwhile, Sky and Clyde think the deceiver might be the magician they saw a while ago and whilst trying to prove this everyone in the mall suspect that Sky is the deceiver they are looking for and Sarah Jane has to defend her actions to the Veritas.[2]


  • This adventure is partially a sequel The Vault of Secrets as Gita's memory erasure by Mr. Dread (Alliance of Shades) influences the story.
  • Event from Prisoner of the Judoon is shown in a hologram, when Gita and Haresh see the Judoon and Androvax.
  • The Veritas also shows Sarah Jane asking Mr. Dread to block Gita's memory from remembering aliens in The Vault of Secrets as she was going to tell the world.
  • In another hologram, Sarah Jane and Rani appear in the UNIT Headquarters in the lab where the TARDIS was kept during the Third Doctor incarnation. The Bridger asked Sarah Jane to write a cover story after the events of Invasion of the Dinosaurs was over, Rani and the current version Sarah Jane peer over the Younger Sarah Jane's shoulder and see the headline "Terrorist threat over London evacuation ends".
  • Sky Smith was create by an alien race and still retained the special power of being able to find different power sources first scene in the episodeSky.
  • Sarah Jane and Rani appear in the attic when Sarah Jane's past self is looking at a video feed from the Mars probe, Mr. Smith is beginning to jam the signal. The signal to NASA is cut off just before the Pyramid of Mars are seen, this memory is from The Vault of Secrets.



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