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The Judicial College, formerly the Judicial Studies Board (JSB), established in 1979, is the organisation responsible for training judges in county, the Crown, and higher courts in England and Wales and tribunals judges in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This includes the training of lay magistrates and the chairmen and members of tribunals.[1][2] The current chairman is Lady Justice Anne Rafferty, DBE.

An essential element of the philosophy of the Judicial College is that the training of judges and magistrates is under judicial control and direction. A circuit judge, currently His Honour Judge Andrew Hatton, is seconded to the Judicial College as Director of Training for Courts. Employment Judge Christa Christensen is seconded as the Director of Training for Tribunals. They are also the Joint Deans of the Faculty of the Judicial College.

The name changed from Judicial Studies Board to Judicial College on 1 April 2011.[1]


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