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Judith Ariana Fitzgerald (born 11 November 1952) is a Canadian poet and journalist. Born in Toronto, Ontario, she attended York University (where she earned her B.A. and M.A; she did her doctoral work at the University of Toronto).



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  • 1983: Heart Attack[s]. Canada: privately published
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  • 1985: My Orange Gorange. Windsor: Black Moss Press
  • 1985: Given Names: New and Selected Poems 1972-1985. Ed. Frank Davey. Windsor: Black Moss Press
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  • 1987: Diary of Desire. Windsor, ON: Black Moss Press
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  • Ultimate Midnight. Windsor, ON: Black Moss Press
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  • 1993: walkin' wounded. Windsor, ON: Black Moss Press
  • 1995: River. Toronto: ECW Press
  • 1999: 26 Ways Out of This World. Ottawa: Oberon
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  • 2004: Orestes' Lament (Adagios Quartet vol. 2). Ottawa: Oberon Press
  • 2006: Electra's Benison (Adagios Quartet vol. 3). Ottawa: Oberon Press
  • 2007: O, Clytaemnestra! (Adagios Quartet vol. 4). Ottawa: Oberon Press


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  • 2000: Sarah McLachlan: Building a Mystery. Kingston, ON: Quarry Music Books, Millennial Edition
  • 2001: Marshall McLuhan: Wise Guy. Montreal: XYZ


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  • 2000: Bagne, or, Criteria for Heaven, by Rob Mclennan. Fredericton, NB: Broken Jaw Press

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