Judith Gautier

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Judith Gautier
Judith Gautier circa 1880.jpg
Born August 25, 1845
Paris, France
Died December 26, 1917(1917-12-26) (aged 72)
Occupation Poet, novelist
Nationality French
Genre Poetry, historical literature
Spouse Catulle Mendès
Partner Richard Wagner (1876)

Judith Gautier (25 August 1845, Paris – 26 December 1917) was a French poet and historical novelist, the daughter of Théophile Gautier and Ernesta Grisi, sister of the noted singer and ballet dancer Carlotta Grisi.

Judith Gautier, John Singer Sargent, 1885

She was married to Catulle Mendès, but soon separated from him, had a brief affair with the composer Richard Wagner during the late summer of 1876. She collaborated with Pierre Loti, the famous novelist, in writing a play, La fille du ciel (1912; English, "The Daughter of Heaven"), translated and produced under their personal supervision at The New Theatre, New York City. She was an Oriental scholar and her works dealt mainly with Chinese and Japanese themes. She was a member of the Académie Goncourt (1910–17).


Mémoires d'un éléphant blanc
  • Le Dragon Impérial (1869)
  • L'Usurpateur (1875)
  • Isoline et La Fleur-Serpent (1882) (translated by Brian Stableford as Isoline and the Serpent-Flower (2013), ISBN 978-1-61227-152-1)
  • La Reine de Bangalore (1887)
  • Les Princesses d'Amours (Paris, 1900)
  • Le Collier des Jours (Paris, 1902)
  • Le Paravent: De Soie et D'Or (Paris, 1904)
  • Mémoires d'un Éléphant Blanc (The Memoirs of a White Elephant), illustrations by Alphonse Mucha (children's book)[1]

Additional reading[edit]

  • Koyama-Richard (2007). Le Japon et la Chine dans les œuvres de Judith Gautier (Reprod. en fac-similé ed.). Tokyo: Edition Synapse. ISBN 978-4-86166-037-5. 


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