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Judith Hann (born 8 September 1942 at Littleover, Derby, England) is a broadcaster and writer specialising in science, food and the environment.


Hann was educated at the state girls' school Parkfields Cedars Grammar School in Derby. She then attended the University of Durham, from which she graduated with a BSc degree in zoology.

Life and career[edit]

Hann presented BBC's Tomorrow's World between 1974 and 1994. She has since made television guest appearances, and also some TV commercials. In 1997 she appeared in a Shredded Wheat advertisement, in which she used her scientific judgement to inform viewers that the product could possibly help keep their hearts healthy. In 2006 she presented Two's A Crowd, a series on BBC Radio 4 that searched for the secrets of human identity.[1] She runs her own media training and presentation skills company with her husband John Exelby.

Personal life[edit]

Judith Hann lives on a farm near the small town of Lechlade, in the Cotswolds. She is married to John Exelby, a former executive at BBC News; they have two sons. She is passionate about herbs and has a very large garden.[2] She is the daughter of former Derby County footballer and trainer Ralph Hann.

TV appearances[edit]


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