Judo at the 1964 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the XVIII Olympiad
VenueNippon Budokan
Competitors72 from 27 nations
1972 →

The judo competition at the 1964 Summer Olympics was the first time the sport was included in the Summer Olympic Games.[1] As a result, decades of judo being banned in the Soviet Union ended shortly before in order to gain medals.[2] They were awarded in 4 classes, and competition was restricted to men only. The competition was held in the Nippon Budokan, which was built to host the competition.

Medal summary[edit]

Games Gold Silver Bronze
68 kg
Takehide Nakatani
Eric Hänni
Ārons Bogoļubovs
 Soviet Union
Oleg Stepanov
 Soviet Union
80 kg
Isao Okano
Wolfgang Hofmann
 United Team of Germany
James Bregman
 United States
Kim Eui-tae
 South Korea
+80 kg
Isao Inokuma
Doug Rogers
Parnaoz Chikviladze
 Soviet Union
Anzor Kiknadze
 Soviet Union
Open category
Anton Geesink
Akio Kaminaga
Theodore Boronovskis
Klaus Glahn
 United Team of Germany

Participating nations[edit]

Judo at the 1964 Olympics on a stamp of Japan

A total of 72 judoka from twenty-seven nations competed at the Tokyo Games:[1]

Medal table[edit]

1 Japan3104
2 Netherlands1001
3 United Team of Germany0112
4 Canada0101
6 Soviet Union0044
7 Australia0011
 South Korea0011
 United States0011
Totals (9 entries)44816


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