Judo at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's 80 kg

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The middleweight class was a judo event held as part of the Judo at the 1964 Summer Olympics programme. The weight class was the second-lightest contested, and allowed judokas of up to eighty kilograms. The competition was held on Wednesday, October 21, 1964.[1]

Twenty-five judokas from twenty nations competed.


Gold Silver Bronze
Isao Okano
Wolfgang Hofmann
 United Team of Germany
James Bregman
 United States
Kim Eui-Tae
 South Korea


Elimination round[edit]

The twenty-five competitors were divided into seven pools of three and one group of four. Each pool played a round-robin tournament, with the winner of the pool advancing to the quarterfinals.

Pool A

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Rodolfo Pérez (ARG) 2-0 QQ
2  Kanapathy Moorthy (MAS) 1-1
3  Bernardo Repuyan (PHI) 0-2

Pool B

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  James Bregman (USA) 2-0 QQ
2  Gabriel Goldschmied (MEX) 1-1
3  Peter Paige (AUS) 0-2

Pool C

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Wolfgang Hofmann (EUA) 2-0 QQ
2  Jacques le Berré (FRA) 1-1
3  Orlando Madrigal (CRC) 0-2

Pool D

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Peter Snijders (NED) 2-0 QQ
2  Pipat Singsanee (THA) 1-1
3  Thai Thuc Thuan (VIE) 0-2

Pool E

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Lhofei Shiozawa (BRA) 3-0 QQ
2  Alfred Redl (AUT) 2-1
3  Narzal García (PHI) 1-2
4  Rafael Barquero (CRC) 0-3

Pool F

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Kim Eui-Tae (KOR) 2-0 QQ
2  Huang Chin-chun (ROC) 1-1
3  Lê Bả Thành (VIE) 0-2

Pool G

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Lionel Grossain (FRA) 2-0 QQ
2  Jan Snijders (NED) 1-1
3  Sydney Hoare (GBR) 0-2

Pool H

Place Judoka Score Qual.
1  Isao Okano (JPN) 2-0 QQ
2  Fernando Matos (POR) 1-1
3  Jorge Lugo (VEN) 0-2

Knockout rounds[edit]

The remaining eight judokas competed in a single elimination bracket. Losers in the quarterfinals were placed 5-8 while both losers in the semifinals won bronze medals.

October 21
October 21
October 21
 Isao Okano (JPN) Okuri-eri-jime  
 Lionel Grossain (FRA) 5:18      Isao Okano (JPN) Waza-ari-chikai-waza  
 Kim Eui-Tae (KOR) Awase-waza    Kim Eui-Tae (KOR) -  
 Lhofei Shiozawa (BRA) 1:33        Isao Okano (JPN) Yoko-shiho-gatame
 Wolfgang Hofmann (EUA) Uchi-mata        Wolfgang Hofmann (EUA) 1:36
 Peter Snijders (NED) 3:10      Wolfgang Hofmann (EUA) Udehishigi-juji-gatame
 James Bregman (USA) Awase-waza    James Bregman (USA) 1:21  
 Rodolfo Pérez (ARG) 5:16  


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