Judo at the 1972 Summer Olympics – Men's open category

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Men's Open class
at the Games of the XX Olympiad
VenueJudo and Wrestling Hall
Date9 September
Competitors26 from 26 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Willem Ruska  Netherlands
2nd, silver medalist(s) Vitali Kuznetsov  Soviet Union
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Jean-Claude Brondani  France
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Angelo Parisi  Great Britain
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1976 →

Men's Open class competition in judo at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany was held at Judo and Wrestling Hall. Willem Ruska was the strong favorite to win a second gold medal, having already won gold in the +93 kg weight class. In a surprise Vitali Kuznetsov threw Ruska defeating him using Te Guruma. Kuznetsov ended up winning the pool allowing Ruska to continue in the repechage. Ruska ended up facing Kuznetsov in the finals where he used a different game plan, using yoko-shiho-gatame to win the match. Ruska retired after the Munich Games being the only judoka to win two medals in the same Olympics.[1]



 Willem Ruska (NED)5:02
 Jean-Claude Brondani (FRA)3rd, bronze medalist(s)
 Willem Ruska (NED)3:58 1st, gold medalist(s)
 Vitali Kuznetsov (URS)2nd, silver medalist(s)
 Vitali Kuznetsov (URS)5:42
 Angelo Parisi (GBR)3rd, bronze medalist(s)


Repechage Repechage semifinal Repechage final
 Douglas Rogers (CAN) 0:00  
 Luvsansharavyn Rentsendorj (MGL) E DNS      Douglas Rogers (CAN) 6:00  
         Tijini Ben Kassow (MAR) E  
           Angelo Parisi (GBR) 6:00
           Douglas Rogers (CAN) E
Repechage Repechage semifinal Repechage final
 Barry Johnson (AUS) E  
 Chiaki Ishii (BRA) 1:09      Willem Ruska (NED) 4:45  
         Chiaki Ishii (BRA) R  
           Willem Ruska (NED) 6:00
           Klaus Glahn (FRG) E

Pool A[edit]

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinal Semifinal
 Petr Jáekl (TCH) 0:00  
 Kim Euy-Tae (KOR) E DNS      Petr Jáekl (TCH) E  
 Angelo Parisi (GBR) 6:00      Angelo Parisi (GBR) 6:00  
 Klaus Hennig (GDR) E        Angelo Parisi (GBR) 6:00  
 Johnny Watts (USA) 0:44        Johnny Watts (USA) E  
 Abdoulaye Djiba (SEN) E      Johnny Watts (USA) 3:17  
 Pavle Bajčetić (YUG) 5:31      Pavle Bajčetić (YUG) E  
 Juang Jen-Wuh (ROC) E        Angelo Parisi (GBR) R
 Jean-Claude Brondani (FRA) 6:00        Jean-Claude Brondani (FRA) 3:10
 Douglas Rogers (CAN) R      Jean-Claude Brondani (FRA) 0:47  
 Johann Pollak (AUT) E      Luvsansharavyn Rentsendorj (MGL) R  
 Luvsansharavyn Rentsendorj (MGL) 6:00        Jean-Claude Brondani (FRA) 2:28  
 Juan Marin (PUR) E DNS        Tijini Ben Kassow (MAR) R  
 Tijini Ben Kassow (MAR) 0:00      Tijini Ben Kassow (MAR) 6:00      
 Matthew Folan (IRL) 0:00      Matthew Folan (IRL) E      

Pool B[edit]

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinal Semifinal
 Ibrahin Cepro (CUB) E DNS  
 Fernando García (PHI) 0:00      Fernando García (PHI) E  
 Willem Ruska (NED) 2:46      Willem Ruska (NED) 2:23  
 Ulrich Falk (SUI) E        Willem Ruska (NED) R  
 Barry Johnson (AUS) R        Vitali Kuznetsov (URS) 6:00  
 Vitali Kuznetsov (URS) 4:46      Vitali Kuznetsov (URS) 2:49  
 Chiaki Ishii (BRA) 0:00      Chiaki Ishii (BRA) R  
BYE        Vitali Kuznetsov (URS) 5:04
 Mihály Petrovszky (HUN) 6:00        Klaus Glahn (FRG) R
 Epigmenio Exiga (MEX) E      Mihály Petrovszky (HUN) E  
 Klaus Glahn (FRG) 1:53      Klaus Glahn (FRG) 3:43  
 Pierre Smets (BEL) E        Klaus Glahn (FRG) 6:00  
 Santiago Ojeda Perez (ESP) E        Masatoshi Shinomaki (JPN) E  
 Masatoshi Shinomaki (JPN) 6:00      Masatoshi Shinomaki (JPN) 1:39      
 Antonio Gallina (ARG) 0:00      Antonio Gallina (ARG) E      


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