Judo at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 kg

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Men's 100 kg
at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
VenueAno Liossia Olympic Hall
Dates19 August
Competitors33 from 33 nations
Winning score0101
1st, gold medalist(s) Ihar Makarau  Belarus
2nd, silver medalist(s) Jang Sung-ho  South Korea
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Michael Jurack  Germany
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Ariel Ze'evi  Israel
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Men's 100 kg competition in judo at the 2004 Summer Olympics was held on August 19 at the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall.

This event was the second-heaviest of the men's judo weight classes, limiting competitors to a maximum of 100 kilograms of body mass. Like all other judo events, bouts lasted five minutes. If the bout was still tied at the end, it was extended for another five-minute, sudden-death period; if neither judoka scored during that period, the match is decided by the judges. The tournament bracket consisted of a single-elimination contest culminating in a gold medal match. There was also a repechage to determine the winners of the two bronze medals. Each judoka who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage. The two judokas who lost in the semifinals faced the winner of the opposite half of the bracket's repechage in bronze medal bouts.


All times are Greece Standard Time (UTC+2)

Date Time Round
Thursday, 19 August 2004 10:30

Qualifying Athletes[edit]

Mat Athlete Country
1 Kosei Inoue  Japan
1 Amel Mekić  Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 Antal Kovács  Hungary
1 Martin Kelly  Australia
1 Barry Kirk Jackman  Barbados
1 Movlud Miraliyev  Azerbaijan
1 Elco van der Geest  Netherlands
1 Bassel El Gharbawy  Egypt
1 Andrés Loforte  Argentina
1 Ramón Ayala  Puerto Rico
1 Sami Belgroun  Algeria
1 Batjargalyn Odkhüü  Mongolia
1 Iveri Jikurauli  Georgia
1 Timo Peltola  Finland
1 José Vásquez  Dominican Republic
1 Ihar Makarau  Belarus
1 Askhat Zhitkeyev  Kazakhstan
2 Jang Sung-ho  South Korea
2 Franck Moussima  Cameroon
2 Yhya Hasaba  Syria
2 Rhadi Ferguson  United States
2 Mário Sabino  Brazil
2 Ariel Ze'evi  Israel
2 Michele Monti  Italy
2 Nicolas Gill  Canada
2 Ghislain Lemaire  France
2 Zoltán Pálkovács  Slovakia
2 Dmitry Maksimov  Russia
2 Masoud Khosravinejad  Iran
2 Vitaliy Bubon  Ukraine
2 Oreidis Despaigne  Cuba
2 Vasileios Iliadis  Greece
2 Michael Jurack  Germany

Tournament results[edit]


1  Ihar Makarau (BLR) 0101
2  Jang Sung-ho (KOR) 0020

Mat 1[edit]

Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
 Kosei Inoue (JPN) 1010
 Amel Mekić (BIH) 0000  Kosei Inoue (JPN) 0002
 Antal Kovács (HUN) 0001
 Kosei Inoue (JPN) 1000
 Martin Kelly (AUS) 0000
 Martin Kelly (AUS) 1101
 Barry Kirk Jackman (BAR) 0010
 Kosei Inoue (JPN) 0010
 Elco van der Geest (NED) 1020
 Movlud Miraliyev (AZE) 0001
 Elco van der Geest (NED) 1011
 Elco van der Geest (NED) 1000
 Bassel El Gharbawy (EGY) 0000
 Bassel El Gharbawy (EGY) 0002
 Andrés Loforte (ARG) 0001
 Elco van der Geest (NED) 0001
 Ihar Makarau (BLR) 0011
 Ramón Ayala (PUR) 0000
 Sami Belgroun (ALG) 1010
 Sami Belgroun (ALG) 0001
 Iveri Jikurauli (GEO) 1010
 Batjargalyn Odkhüü (MGL) 0000
 Iveri Jikurauli (GEO) 1000
 Iveri Jikurauli (GEO) 0001
 Ihar Makarau (BLR) 0011
 Timo Peltola (FIN) 1001
 José Vásquez (DOM) 0001
 Timo Peltola (FIN) 0000
 Ihar Makarau (BLR) 0200
 Ihar Makarau (BLR) 1010
 Askhat Zhitkeyev (KAZ) 0010

Mat 2[edit]

Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
 Jang Sung-ho (KOR) 1000
 Franck Moussima (CMR) 0000
 Jang Sung-ho (KOR) 0011
 Rhadi Ferguson (USA) 0010
 Yhya Hasaba (SYR) 0001
 Rhadi Ferguson (USA) 1110
 Jang Sung-ho (KOR) 1002
 Ariel Ze'evi (ISR) 0110
 Mário Sabino (BRA) 0100
 Ariel Ze'evi (ISR) 1010
 Ariel Ze'evi (ISR) 1011
 Michele Monti (ITA) 0111
 Michele Monti (ITA) 1003
 Nicolas Gill (CAN) 0001
 Jang Sung-ho (KOR) 1001
 Michael Jurack (GER) 0000
 Ghislain Lemaire (FRA) 1000
 Zoltán Pálkovács (SVK) 0000
 Ghislain Lemaire (FRA) 1001
 Dmitry Maksimov (RUS) 0000
 Dmitry Maksimov (RUS) 0100
 Masoud Khosravinejad (IRI) 0001
 Ghislain Lemaire (FRA) 0012
 Michael Jurack (GER) 0020
 Vitaliy Bubon (UKR) 0010
 Oreidis Despaigne (CUB) 0100
 Oreidis Despaigne (CUB) 0000
 Michael Jurack (GER) 1001
 Vasileios Iliadis (GRE) 0000
 Michael Jurack (GER) 1000


First round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Bronze medal finals
     Kosei Inoue (JPN) 0000        Michael Jurack (GER) 1030
 Movlud Miraliyev (AZE) 1010      Movlud Miraliyev (AZE) 1011          Movlud Miraliyev (AZE) 0001
 Bassel El Gharbawy (EGY) 0000        Movlud Miraliyev (AZE) 0021
     Askhat Zhitkeyev (KAZ) 0001  
     Iveri Jikurauli (GEO) 0000
 Askhat Zhitkeyev (KAZ) 0221      Askhat Zhitkeyev (KAZ) 1000  
 Timo Peltola (FIN) 0001  
     Ariel Ze'evi (ISR) 0210        Elco van der Geest (NED) 0001
 Franck Moussima (CMR) 0011      Franck Moussima (CMR) 0000          Ariel Ze'evi (ISR) 1002
 Rhadi Ferguson (USA) 0001        Ariel Ze'evi (ISR) 1001
     Ghislain Lemaire (FRA) 0000  
     Ghislain Lemaire (FRA) 0221
 Vasileios Iliadis (GRE) 0010      Oreidis Despaigne (CUB) 0000  
 Oreidis Despaigne (CUB) 1000