Judo at the Commonwealth Games

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Judo is one of the sports at the quadrennial Commonwealth Games competition. It was first competed as a demonstration sport at the 1986 Games before being included in the main program for the first time in 1990. Starting with the 2022 Games, Judo is a core sport that is required to be part of the sporting program of each edition of the Games,[1] having previously been an optional sport.


Games Year Host country Host city
XIII 1986[a]  Scotland Edinburgh
XIV 1990  New Zealand Auckland
XVII 2002  England Manchester
XX 2014  Scotland Glasgow
XXII 2022  England Birmingham
  1. ^ demonstration sport

All-time medal table[edit]

Updated after the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

1 England33111155
2 Scotland991735
3 Canada6111229
4 Australia432128
5 South Africa2136
6 New Zealand15814
7 Wales141015
8 Cyprus1203
9 Fiji1012
10 India05611
11 Nigeria0156
 Northern Ireland0156
13 Mauritius0145
14 Cameroon0134
15 Pakistan0112
16 Jamaica0101
 The Gambia0101
18 Malta0022
19 Ghana0011
Totals (21 entries)5858112228


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